Tectonic Vacation Project

Illustration of Yellowstone National Park with Old Faithful geyser erupting and bison in the foreground.

Artwork by Robin Chandler

The Tectonic Vacation Project blends the science of plate tectonics with the culture and history of places with dramatic geologic landscapes. Students design a year long trip across several tectonic plates, exploring the significant human and rock stories of their destinations.

Fifteen tectonic travel decals and accompanying information sheets provide students with introductory material as they plan their itineraries. Links to the decal information files are listed near the end of this page.

Student instructions outline the scope of the project. A tectonic vacation travel planner helps students meet the requirements of their trip. One destination must be a place of the student's interest and not included in the fifteen decal locations.

Depictions of several tectonic vacation passport stamps

After students have designed their tectonic vacations, they can make a Tectonic Passport, which enables travelers to know the specific countries they will be visiting. Tectonic Adventure passport stamps are provided for the passport booklets. Students document their observations of the geology and communities in a Tectonic Travel Journal.

The project ends with each traveler designing an advertisement of the new tectonic travel destination that was part of the student’s itinerary.


Last updated: March 22, 2017

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