PARK Teachers Partner Essays

PARK Teachers at Golden Gate National Parks by Lynn Fonfa, MEd, Project Director, is written from the perspective of the NPS staff that designed and collaborated on PARK Teachers. She provides information primarily for National Park Service education specialists who may be interested in establishing a relationship with a local university or college with a teacher credential program.

Planning a Place-based Inquiry Experience for Teachers by Dr. Kathleen O’Sullivan, faculty partner, presents a blueprint that can be used by those who work as professional development providers—methods instructors for pre-service science teachers or individuals offering training for in-service teachers—to craft programs specific to their needs. She includes the rationale for using a place-based inquiry experience, the incorporation of inquiry, the group’s planning approach, and the logistics involved.

PARK Teachers Evaluation by Dr. Susan Schultz, external evaluator, details the assessment process and the results of the extensive evaluation of the PARK Teachers program. The evaluation consists of formative and summative components. The formative evaluation components include documenting the planning process, designing assessment instruments, and monitoring the implementation of the program by providing early and ongoing feedback to the project team. The summative evaluation focuses on assessing the program’s overall performance and effectiveness, as well as lessons learned. Qualitative and quantitative indicators, based on direct observation, surveys, and interviews, were used throughout the evaluation.

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