Checking for Understanding and Assessment

For many years, we have asked ourselves, “How can we combine the best educational techniques and methodologies from the formal and informal education communities with the powerful science content of the National Parks?”

This section highlights the design and results of the PARK Teachers’ evaluation that substantiates the fundamental contributions park-based programs make in fulfilling the National Park Service’s mission, and, importantly, in enhancing the educational experience of young people and enriching teaching strategies for educators.

The article, PARK Teachers Evaluation, traces the project through the formation of the partnership, design of the inquiry program components, strategies for assessment, and transfer to the classroom. A shorter version can be found in Executive Report: Evaluation Findings. Click here to see the evaluation matrix developed for PARK Teachers.

Three tutorial powerpoint presentations provide guidance for NPS and other informal educators who wish to follow the model of integrating assessment into program design. Each presentation walks you through the essential stages of development for an effective evaluation plan with the goal of helping your team design, implement, and evaluate a program at your park:

Part 1: Components of Program Development

Part 2: Goals and Types of Evaluation

Part 3: Creating an Effective Evaluation Plan

Last updated: January 21, 2016

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