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This page provides access to information resources on the rocks and geology of the Golden Gate Headlands that are the focus of PARK Teachers Geology at Golden Gate.

Subduction Construction is an online game designed for middle to high school students. It guides them through the identification of rocks found in the Franciscan Complex and then helps them to place the rocks in their proper locations of origin in order to animate the subduction zone.

Marine Headlands Rotation Animation shows and explains how the rocks of the Marin Headlands may have been spun around by motion on the San Andreas fault.

The Frequently Asked Questions and Franciscan Geology Glossary augment the Subduction Construction game with more in-depth information on different Franciscan rocks and is intended for both students and teachers.

Click on the rock names below to view frequently asked questions on the following rock types:

The Geology of the Golden Gate Headlands Guidebook is a resource primarily for teachers. It provides information on the rocks and processes that formed of the Golden Gate Headlands and San Francisco in general. It also serves as a field trip guidebook for those interested in observing the rocks out in the park.

The Geology of the Golden Gate Headlands and Franciscan Rocks of the Marin Headlands posters allow teachers to download poster-size pdf files that can be output on a large-format printer for use in the classroom.

The Rock Identification and Rock History cards provide basic information on Franciscan Rocks and the processes in which they were formed. Teachers can use them in conjunction with hand specimens in either a field or lab setting to help middle to high school students identify these rocks and understand how and where they formed.

There are two sets of rock information cards: those used for the Rockin' in the Riprap program at Crissy Field, and those used for the Rocks on the Move program in the Marin Headlands.

Rockin' in the Riprap rock information cards:

Rocks on the Move rock information cards:

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