Habitat Detectives

Grade 1

Students and a park ranger investigate a tree
Students discover with a ranger how insects find shelter in a tree.

Francis NG

How does a healthy habitat help living things thrive?

Enchant your curious little ones as they engage in an exciting habitat investigation. Students draw and share observations as they get an up-close look at woodland or lagoon habitats in the Presidio. From banana slugs to great blue herons, park wildlife offers us living lessons about nature.

Students investigate the structure of a flower
Students investigate the structure of a flower.

Francis Ng

Program Description

Habitat Detectives uses the Understanding by Design framework and aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards for First Grade.

This program is structured in two parts:

Classroom Preparation – A ranger leads classroom lessons to prepare students for the park field session.

Field Session – Students engage in scientific inquiry and discuss elements of a healthy habitat.

Last updated: July 5, 2022

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