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Amendment No. 1 provides the questions and answers, here: GOGA010-20-L Questions and Answers - FINAL.

Interested parties should join the solicitation mailing list to be notified of any future modifications or correspondence by emailing Kimberley Gagliolo, Commercial Services Specialist, at All proposals must be
received no later than 4:00 p.m. (PDT) on October 16, 2019 by the National Park Service, Commercial Services, Attn: Kimberley Gagliolo, 333 Bush Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, California 94104 in order to be evaluated and considered for the Request for Proposals phase of this solicitation.

Operate a historic restaurant complex overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Lands End in San Francisco

The National Park Service (NPS) announces a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for prospective partners to lease and operate a historic restaurant complex.

The NPS, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is seeking an exceptional individual, organization, or team with restaurant management expertise to join the community of park-based partners as the lessee and operator of the Lands End Restaurant Properties under a lease.

The properties are currently being operated as the Cliff House and Lands End Lookout Café.

Summary of Opportunity

Become a park partner and celebrate more than 40 years of “post-to-park” collaboration while operating a restaurant complex and tourist destination in the Sutro Historic District of San Francisco. This new lease offering consists of multiple opportunities to serve the public.

  • The Cliff House (1090 Point Lobos Avenue)

    • One Fine Dining Restaurant (Sutro’s)

    • Full Service Bar (Sutro’s Bar and Lounge)

    • Family Casual Restaurant (the Bistro)

    • A Banquet Facility (The Terrace Room)

    • A Gift Shop

  • The Café at the Lands End Lookout visitor center (680 Point Lobos Avenue)

    • LEED Platinum Multi-Award winning building

    • Stunning Ocean Views

  • Evening Valet Parking (Point Lobos Parking Lot)

    • Open 7 days per week, 365 days per year

  • Public Amenities

    • Public Restrooms

    • Public Viewing Areas

Cypress trees around Cliff House and Camera Obscura structure.
Doc Miles NPS

Property Overview

The Cliff House was acquired by the NPS in 1977 and has operated under a concession contract since that time. The building was constructed in 1909 and is the third Cliff House on this site after the two previous Cliff House buildings were destroyed by fire. The primary structure consists of a renovated historic structure and a major addition completed in 2006.

The main restaurant is situated on a hillside above the Pacific Ocean in the north westernmost corner of San Francisco, California in an area known as Lands End with spectacular views and has extensive history and importance to the citizens and visitors of San Francisco. The lease will also include the café at the nearby Lands End visitor center, public restrooms, public viewing areas, and non-exclusive use of an adjacent parking lot.


The Cliff House (1090 Point Lobos Avenue)

The Cliff House, located within the Sutro Historic District of the Park, provides two food and beverage service options. The entire building is approximately 27,000 square feet of which approximately 21,000 square feet is rentable.

Café at the Lands End Lookout Visitor Center (680 Point Lobos Avenue)

The café is located within the Lands End Lookout visitor center. The café serves soups, sandwiches, salads, desserts, espresso drinks and hot cocoa seven days a week. There is no indoor seating; however there is a small stand-up bar with stunning views and plenty of places to sit outside. The café is about 300 yards east of the main restaurant building.

Evening Valet Parking (Point Lobos Parking Lot)

Lessee will manage valet parking during evening hours at an offsite non-exclusive-use parking lot (approximately 60 spaces) on Point Lobos Avenue across from Louis’ Restaurant, less than 250 yards from the main restaurant building. Valet parking service may operate during the evening seven days a week. During valet parking operation, general visitor cars will be entitled to self-park.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area Program Objectives

Consistent with the NPS mission and the Park’s values and strategic goals, NPS has several objectives for the successful operation of this unique opportunity, as follows:

  1. High quality food and beverage service to the public, including: diversified price points and menu items; environmentally sustainable and healthy food ingredients;

  2. Integrated interpretation and education of historic and cultural significance of the Property and the Park in the visitor experience;

  3. Ongoing repair and maintenance of the structures and surrounding public areas within the Property;

  4. Implementation of best management practices for environmental sustainability throughout operations.

Key Dates


RFQ announced on August 13, 2019.

NPS will provide only one Site Tour and Pre-submittal Conference, as the Offered Property is currently occupied. The Site Tour and Pre-submittal Conference of the site and buildings, including back of house areas will be held on August 27, 2019. Interested parties must register no later than 4:00 p.m. PDT on August 26, 2019. Your email must contain the following information: primary contact name, name of organization, phone number, and email address. Site tour attendees will be limited to four (4) individuals per company and must provide all names. No persons under the age of 18 will be permitted.

RFQ submissions must be received by 4:00 p.m. PDT on October 16, 2019. A “short list” of RFQ respondents may be selected by NPS to respond to a more detailed request for proposals (RFP) in late 2019, leading to selection of a single organization for exclusive negotiations.

NPS expects to announce a selection of a single Respondent in summer 2020 to be invited to negotiate the Lease.

All interested parties must email Kimberley Gagliolo, Commercial Services Specialist, at e-mail us to register for the Site Tour or to receive updates and additional information throughout the solicitation.


Download: On this webpage, you will find links to download the RFQ and other necessary documents. The RFQ contains specific details and information about RFQ requirements and submittal instructions, so please review this carefully. Additional information may also be posted on this website during the RFQ response period.

Register: If you intend to respond to the RFQ, you must register to receive formal electronic notifications and updated information during the RFQ response period. You do not have to attend the RFQ Pre-Submittal Conference to respond to the RFQ.

Review and Submit a RFQ Response: Please review the RFQ carefully for specific instructions about submittal requirements. Additional information may also be posted on this website during the RFQ response period.

For more information or to register to receive formal notifications, contact Kimberley Gagliolo, Commercial Services Specialist, at e-mail us.

RFQ, Exhibits and Supporting Documents

The Lands End Restaurant Properties RFQ, Exhibits, and Supporting Documents in .pdf format are available for download here:


Lands End Restaurant Properties RFQ


Supporting Documents

Printed Versions of the Lands End Restaurant Properties RFQ, Exhibits, and Supporting Documents in .pdf format are also available at the following location:

National Park Service
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Front Desk, Building 201
Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123


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Frequently Asked Questions

Concession contracts must be appropriate and necessary while leases are only required to be appropriate. There are a great number of food and beverage options in San Francisco and in close proximity to the Lands End Restaurant Properties the National Park Service determined have a food and beverage operation is no longer necessary, but it is appropriate.

December 31, 2018. It has been extended since that date.

Extensions were used temporarily until a new opportunity is developed and a long-term authorization is awarded.

Yes, Cliff House/Peanut Wagon, Inc. has managed the facility to NPS Concession standards.

Yes, the Service will fully pay the Concessioner for all existing possessory interest by the end of the existing contract term.

The lease is for a term of 20 years.
Under the terms of the lease, the lessee is required to continue to provide food and beverage service, operate a gift shop, and provide evening valet parking and potentially other ancillary uses.

Under a lease, the National Park Service does not regulate prices, so visitors may see a change in menu items and prices.

Yes there might be a need to change the names of the operation, depending on the selected lessee. The Service is referring to the facilities as the “Lands End Restaurant Properties” per the draft lease.

There may be a need to close the restaurant for a brief period of time after the lease begins to update the interior space. The National Park Service and the new lessee will work to make the transition as smooth as possible and will keep the public posted at every major milestone.

Changes may include employee uniforms, logos, online or printed material, menus, hours, and signage.
The new lessee has the discretion for hiring existing employees.

The lessee has the discretion to hire needed employees. They will likely post job announcements when they are available.

The solicitation for the RFQ opens on August 13, 2019, to any company or individual interested in leasing the facilities required by the draft lease.

The solicitation for the RFP will be available for the four respondents selected through the RFQ process to submit a response.

The National Park Service estimates it will start fall 2020.

Federal regulation requires a Lessee pay at least fair market rent to the National Park Service. The Lease requires payment of Base Rent (plus escalation) or a Percentage Rent of gross receipts, whichever is greater.

Lease revenues go to support the ongoing repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation of historic structures within the park.

NPS Leasing Regulations specify that the most qualified respondent is selected to negotiate and enter into a lease. The most qualified respondent may be a person or entity that fits within these business groups.

The lease identifies the types and minimum amounts of insurance coverage required of leases. One type required is property insurance to ensure the repair or replacement of facilities located on park lands that are damaged or destroyed by fire or other hazards.

Last updated: October 2, 2019

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