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What is Crissy Field Next?

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and the Presidio Trust are embarking upon the next chapter of Crissy Field’s revitalization. In Fall of 2018, the project team will begin informal public outreach to gather ideas and to invite a full range of audiences to the planning process. Crissy Field Next aims to enhance the area’s many current uses while improving ways for people to gather, create, and play. We are eager for your input and participation!

Why Crissy Field Next?

Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy transformed Crissy Field into an extraordinary bayside park in 2001. Almost 20 years later, sections of Crissy Field are in need of repair and rehabilitation, while other areas may not be used to their full potential. This project will propose ideas based on public comments to improve Crissy Field so that all visitors are able to enjoy and connect with the park. There may be new features, while the sense of tranquility and history that makes it such a special place will always be preserved. As we plan for current and future uses, important natural and cultural resources such as the marsh and the unique collection of plants and animals will continue to be protected.

Goals of the Crissy Field Next Project

Crissy Field Next will address five topic areas: community, recreation, access + safety, ecology + history, and sustainability.

  • To connect with the community by creating an inclusive, welcoming space that’s accessible and easy to enjoy.
  • To add more opportunities for recreation, renewal, and reflection — a visitor experience worth a day trip or more.
  • To improve access and safety for Crissy Field visitors, with smoother traffic flow, practical parking options, and safer ways for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel.
  • To preserve and enhance the value of the ecology and history of Crissy Field, with educational opportunities and insights that respect the richness of the place.
  • And to create a sustainable, well-designed space that’s durable, flexible, and easy to maintain in the decades to come.

I want to give you my ideas! How do I participate?

There will be several opportunities to share your ideas for Crissy Field. During Fall 2018, the project team will collect ideas at Crissy Field Day on Saturday, October 20, participate in community events, and will be on-site at Crissy Field with the Roving Ranger (a mobile visitor center). You can also submit your feedback by downloading and texting us your completed Crissy Field Guide. Visit the link below to download a guide and learn more:

This is a planning process: What is that? What is the timeframe?

Community Engagement and Planning

Fall to Winter 2018: *Community Outreach (brainstorm):
What do you want to see next at Crissy Field? Federal land management agencies are required to seek public input to ensure appropriate protection of land values and ensure perspectives from multiple audiences and communities.

Winter to Spring 2019: *Community Share Back: We heard you. Here are our ideas based on your feedback. What do you think? Project planners will consolidate comments and develop them into concepts to ensure ideas were captured effectively.

Summer 2019: *Public Input: Here are potential plans for rehabilitating Crissy Field. Share your comments!

Summer to Fall 2019: Develop NEPA/NHPA Document: We’re busy analyzing environmental and historical resource impacts and putting together documents to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) an and National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), regulations, and agency policy, into documents for planning Crissy Field Next. We’ll be back in the Fall.

Fall 2019: *Public Review of NEPA/NHPA Document: Read the full plan for the future of Crissy Field. Share your comments!

Fall to Winter 2019: Analyze and Address Public Comments: We’ve read all the comments received and making sure they’re addressed. Comments and impacts are summarized and addressed in future planning documents.

Winter 2019: Issue Final Document: Planning and compliance documents are complete.

Design and Construction

2020 to 2021: *Design (Schematic Design – Construction Documents): It’s time for details! The project details are designed as proposed, by staff and communities, and our communities are informed along the way.

2021 to 2022: Start Construction: Let’s make these ideas real. Construction is completed using a phased approach, with the support of our philanthropic partner, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

* opportunities for public feedback

What about the dog regulations that the NPS was working on?

In December 2016, after a long process of listening to stakeholders and engaging in a negotiated rulemaking process, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) created and published a final environmental impact statement on dog management and submitted the record of decision for final approval.

In December 2017, the Department of Interior made a decision to terminate the rulemaking process and decision. These proposed new rules were not instituted and no changes were made. GGNRA is not engaged in and new rulemaking processes for dog management.

GGNRA will refocus on reinforcing responsible dog walking under the existing park regulations. (These include Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations, 2.15, requiring dogs to be crated, caged, or leashed unless in an area that is closed to dogs by the superintendent or unless that area has been identified as an area under GGNRA in the 1979 Pet Policy as open to either on-leash or actual voice and sight control.)

The Crissy Field planning effort will plan to allow multiple existing and future visitors uses, aims to reduce conflicts among various user groups, and invites communities to participate in the process and provide ideas about what you want to see and do at this popular area.

If you have further questions about dog management in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, please email e-mail us

What about dog regulation rulemaking in general?

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is not engaged in any new rulemaking processes or proposals.

This Crissy Field Next planning effort will consider all visitors uses and we welcome your ideas about what you want to do and see in your park.

Any visitor uses proposed that would require a change in park regulations, will be evaluated and potentially planned for during this process. We do not anticipate any new rules to be proposed as part of this planning effort.

Is this project the same as Tunnel Tops?

The Presidio Tunnel Tops is a separate partnership project which will allow visitor trail and scenic connections to the Main Post of the Presidio to Crissy Field. It follows on the successful development of the Presidio Parkway to provide 14 acres of new park lands atop the tunnels. The Presidio Trust is the lead agency for Tunnel Tops, to direct the planning, design, and construction effort and manage community outreach and engagement.

I have a question about the rest of the Presidio…

Please visit the Presidio Trust website to find out more information, learn about events going on, plan a visit to your park.

I want to become a Parks Conservancy Member…

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy member. Visit their website to learn more about our non-profit park partner.

I want to have a picnic, wedding, or film my school project.

Crissy Field has space to accommodate your special event. Visit our website to learn what our guidelines are and how to apply for a permit.

I want to report some bad behavior I saw at Crissy Field.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and feedback. We always want to hear from our visitors. In the event of an emergency and you’re in need of an immediate response from law enforcement, please contact our park dispatch at (415)561-5505. To describe a less urgent concern via email, please email e-mail us

I want to report a maintenance concern.

Is there something in the park that needs attention from our maintenance staff? Please let us know! You can email us a photo/ explanation of the issue at e-mail us

For any emergency concern, please contact park dispatch at (415)561-5505.

Last updated: October 6, 2021

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