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Junior Rangers explore the wonders of nature


The reasons for becoming a Junior Ranger can be as individual as you are. One of the best reasons—IT’S FUN! While doing the activities, we know you will come across something you’ve never done or thought about before. Once you become a Junior Ranger, you are part of a nation-wide team—other Junior Rangers, National Park Service rangers, and people from all over the world—who work to preserve special places.

Glen Canyon Junior Rangers

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and Lake Powell are special places. You and your family may already have many fond memories of trips here, or you may just be starting to collect new memories on your first trip. Start collecting memories as a Junior Ranger. You'll be helping the park while having fun! Print out your Junior Ranger Activity Book.

Glen Canyon/Rainbow Bridge Jr Ranger Book (pdf)

When you complete your Junior Ranger book, send it back to us to receive your Junior Ranger Badge and Certificate.

Mail to:
Attn: Jr Ranger
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
PO Box 1507
Page, AZ 86040

Rangers kneel by a young girl holding the fish she caught
Become a Junior Angler!


More Junior Ranger Books

Study the stars or go fishing! There are specialized activity books you can complete at home or on a visit to Glen Canyon. Plus, many other national parks have their own booklets and badges. How many can you earn?

Visit the NPS Junior Ranger page to learn more.

Our BLM neighbors have books too, like the Junior Explorer Handbook.

Last updated: July 29, 2022

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PO Box 1507
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