Short Notice Permits

You can enter Glacier Bay with your own vessel
Advance Notice Permits full?
If you did not receive an Advance Notice Permit and they were full for the days you were wanting, Glacier Bay offers Short Notice Permits that can be applied for up to 48 hours in advance of the day you want to enter the bay with your vessel.

How Do I apply for a Short Notice Permit?
You can apply just like an Advance Notice Permit, in person, email, fax, phone, by radio. Do not apply prior to 7 a.m. as your permit may be denied or put in a lesser order of priority. Vessel operators may apply for private vessel permits by fax, phone, radio, email, or in person at the Bartlett Cove Visitor Information Station. In addition, vessel operators may apply for short notice permits at the Hoonah office during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Please note that this office is staffed only intermittently.

What if two permits are submitted for at the same time?
All permit applications are time-stamped and put into the order that they came to us.
Any application applied for in person, by the boat operator, receives priority over all other applications by all other methods. Then priority is email/fax, radio/phone.

How many days can I apply for on a Short Notice Permit?
Short Notice permits are treated exactly like Advance Notice Permits and you can apply for up to 7 days.

What if the Short Notice Permits are full as well?
It is possible that all the permits could be full when applying for a Short Notice Permit. If that happens make sure you ask to be put on a “SHORT NOTICE Waitlist.” Every morning at 7:00 AM a new waitlist is started, be sure to give accurate contact information and be available to be contacted. If an attempt is made to contact you and you don’t answer, you will be taken off the list until you ask to be put back on. If you don’t hear from anyone by 7:00 PM you will need to ask the following day to be put back on the Waitlist.

Last updated: July 28, 2017

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