Sea Otters in Glacier Bay

Sea Otter in Glacier Bay
Sea Otter


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Focus Concept:
Otters Living in Glacier Bay

Recolonization of Glacier Bay, history of survival, prey and eating habits, insulating attributes of fur, special adaptations to life in a marine environment, effect on marine environments, keystone species

Otters are a keystone species whose special adaptations, from physiology to eating habits, directly and indirectly effect the marine environments in which they thrive.

Guiding Question
What factors have allowed sea otters to make a comeback and thrive in Glacier Bay and how will that affect the marine ecosystem?

Critical Content
Students will know ...

  1. The physiological adaptations that allow otters to thrive in the extreme conditions of Glacier Bay
  2. The reasons for otter near extinction over time and their comeback to previous environments such as Glacier Bay in SE Alaska
  3. The type and variety of otters' prey and the effect of their predation on marine environments


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Biology: Animals, Conservation, Ecology, Geography, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management
National/State Standards:
Science Standards: A) Science as Inquiry, C) Life Science, F) Science in Personal & Social Perspectives, G) History & Nature of Science. Mathematics Standards: Data Analysis and Probability. Geography: Environment & Society

Last updated: February 13, 2018