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Commercial Use Authorization Activity-Specific Stipulations

Attachment XX – 2018 Passenger Ferry Stipulations
Juneau-Bartlett Cove Ferry Service

The Ferry Service is based on the provisions of P.L. 105-83, Sec. 127: “For the sole purpose of accessing park or other authorized visitor services or facilities at, or originating from, the public dock area at Bartlett Cove, the National Park Service shall initiate a competitive process by which the National Park Service shall allow one entry per day for a passenger ferry into Bartlett Cove from Juneau: Provided, That any passenger ferry allowed entry pursuant to this Act shall be subject to speed, distance from coast lines, and other limitations imposed necessary to protect park resources: Provided further, That nothing in this Act shall be construed as constituting approval for entry into the waters of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve beyond the immediate Bartlett Cove area as defined by a line extending northeastward from Point Carolus to the west to the southernmost point of Lester Island, absent required permits.”

  1. The NPS shall authorize this service under the provisions of a Commercial Use Authorization until there is sufficient interest in providing the service to justify a competitive process.
  2. The NPS shall allocate trips on a first come, first served basis, or by drawing, if specific dates are requested by more than one permittee prior to November 1 for the following year.
  3. The Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock may be used for up to three hours for loading and unloading passengers and passengers’ personal effects and limited freight in support of the Glacier Bay Lodge concession.
  4. Freight service other than noted above is not authorized. Loading or off-loading vehicles is not authorized.
  5. The NPS shall designate space for docking, subject to other necessary and appropriate competing use. In general, the designated docking area will be at the face of the Public Use Dock in the 3-hour limit zone.
  6. Use of the Bartlett Cove public use dock is limited to the minimum time necessary.
  7. Sewage pump-out facilities at Bartlett Cove may not be used in support of this service.
  8. Any use of NPS utilities (water, electricity, etc.) at Bartlett Cove requires specific approval of the Superintendent and must be reimbursed by the permittee at the established rates.
  9. The permittee must submit a plan of operations to the Superintendent, prior to commencing operations, which details the operating schedule, itinerary, scheduled Bartlett Cove arrival & departure times, vessel name and description, and provisions for publicizing scheduling changes.
  10. The vessel operator must notify the Visitor Information Station when the vessel enters Glacier Bay and on departure by calling KWM-20 on marine VHF channel 16 or 12. [36CFR13.1154(c)]. Information to be provided on arrival includes expected Bartlett Cove dock arrival time and number of passengers. Information to be provided on departure from Glacier Bay includes the number of passengers and any whale sightings.
  11. Each vessel operator must complete a boater orientation provided at the Visitor Information Station prior to departing Bartlett Cove on that operator’s first visit each year.
  12. Off-boat activity from a passenger ferry is prohibited, except for passenger access at the Bartlett Cove docks [36 CFR 131154(f). Operating on an itinerary other than as specifically approved by the Superintendent is prohibited.
  13. The passenger ferry must travel a direct course between the mouth of Glacier Bay and Bartlett Cove, except when the vessel is granted safe harbor by the Superintendent as stated in §13.1156(e) [36 CFR 13.1154(g)].
  14. Use of the fuel dock for activities other than fueling is prohibited.
  15. For passenger ferry services by vessels over 100 tons gross (US System) or over 2,000 tons gross (International Convention System), the following provisions shall also apply:
    • Any costs related to this service will be borne by the permittee.
    • The permittee is responsible for providing any security, mooring or other services required within the park.
    • The permittees vessels may not discharge any black water (treated or untreated sewage) or gray water (domestic waste water other than from toilets) while within Glacier Bay.
  16. The Permittee must submit an activity report by the 5th of each month for the operations taking place the month prior. (i.e. activity report for May will be due June 5th). Annual Activity Report due November 15. Send completed reports to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, Commercial Services Office, P.O. Box 140, Gustavus, AK 99826 or e-mail us

Last updated: November 30, 2018

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