Mountaineering Stipulations

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
Commercial Use Authorization Activity-Specific Stipulations

Attachment XX – 2019 Mt. Fairweather Range Guided Mountaineering Stipulations

  1. A maximum of two trips among all permittees, combined, will be authorized in the Fairweather Range per season
  2. This area includes the area west of the Brady Glacier, west of Lamplugh Glacier and west of the ridge between Tarr and Rendu Inlets (as shown on figure 4 of the July 1989 Glacier Bay NP Wilderness Visitor Use Management Plan - see
  3. Applications for up to two trips per operator will be accepted from November 1 – November 30 for the following year. Application Fee is non-refundable. If more than two requests are received by November 30, a random drawing will be held on the first business day in November. If requests for two trips are not received by November 30, two trips will be allocated on a first come-first served basis.
  4. Prior to beginning operations the Permittee must provide the Superintendent with the following:
    • Itinerary of all climbs scheduled within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (routes, drop off/pick-up dates and locations, planned campsite locations, scheduled summit date(s)).
    • A list of booking agencies used by the permittee and copies of advertising.
    • List of all guides that the permittee plans to employ during the season. The list will include the following: name and role of the guide.
    • Name and phone number of transportation service providing drop-off and pick-up; all trips that will use an aircraft for transportation into and out of the park will hire one of the air taxis that currently hold a permit for such activities within Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. Please contact the park’s Commercial Services office to obtain a list of current, permitted companies.
    • Communication capabilities of the guides (cell, satellite, InReach, spot device, etc.; types of radios carried, monitoring or call-in schedule).
  5. Within fifteen (15) days of the completion of each trip, the permittee must submit to the Superintendent, a trip report which includes the following:
    • map of the route showing all campsites and bivouacs; notes on any wildlife sightings;
    • a description of any evidence of human use (including other climbers) observed;
    • notes regarding aircraft overflights heard and seen while on the trip;
    • a description of climbing conditions including snow/ice conditions, avalanche activity; a list of anything lost or left behind;
    • a detailed report of any accidents or injuries including the date and time of the accident; name, address, and phone number of person(s) involved; a description of the accident and any injuries;
    • a description of any medical treatment given (and name of those administering the treatment).
  6. The Permittee shall ensure that all guides leading trips will be fully qualified and experienced.
  7. The Permittee must provide employee orientation and training on park regulations, requirements, and policies. The Permittee shall be responsible for all actions of their employees while conducting business under the CUA. Upon NPS request, the Permittee must provide written documentation of training and orientation.
  8. All human waste must be carried out. All trash must be carried out and removed from the park.
  9. The total group size for trips shall not exceed a total of 12 persons. This includes guides, staff and clients.
  10. A client must never be left unattended.
  11. Guides must carry a communication device capable of establishing two-way communication both with the holder of the CUA and the NPS for the duration of the trip.
  12. The Permittee may use a booking agent. The Permittee is responsible for assuring that all potential clients contacted by the booking agent are clearly informed that said permittee is operating the trip and is an authorized permittee of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve.
  13. The Permittee is responsible for assuring that advertising and rates utilized by booking agencies meet the terms and conditions of this Permit.
  14. The Permittee’s base of operation shall be outside the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Last updated: December 3, 2018

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