Guided Kayaking Stipulations

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
Commercial Use Authorization Activity-Specific Stipulations

Attachment XX – 2018 Guided Kayaking Stipulations


  1. Guided kayaking services are limited to the marine waters of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve from September 11 through May 31 and to the marine waters of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, excluding Glacier Bay (north of a line from Pt. Gustavus to Pt. Carolus) from June 1 through September 10.
  2. The authorized area for guided kayaking from June 1 through September 10 is broken up into the following areas:
    • Excursion Inlet
    • Dundas Bay
    • Taylor Bay
    • Cape Spencer to Palma Bay
    • Palma Bay to the entrance of Lituya Bay
    • Lituya Bay
    • Entrance of Lituya Bay to Sea Otter Creek.
  3. Only one guided trip shall be authorized in each of these areas at a time. Trips shall be assigned on a first, come-first served basis through the park. To schedule a trip in June, July or August, call the Commercial Services Office at (907) 697-2230.
  4. If the trip involves overnight camping within the park, the stipulations for Backcountry Use also apply:
    • On shore group size is limited to 12 people, including guides and clients
    • Groups must not remain longer than three consecutive nights in the same campsite, unless specifically authorized by the Superintendent.
    • Within Glacier Bay, guided parties may use beach areas for camping only on the first and last night of each trip.
  5. The Permittee must submit an activity report by the 5th of each month for the operations taking place the month prior. (i.e. activity report for May will be due June 5th). Send completed reports to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, Commercial Services Office, P.O. Box 140, Gustavus, AK 99826 or e-mail us.

Last updated: August 29, 2018

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