General Stipulations

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
Commercial Use Authorization – General Stipulations

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (GLBA) authorizes the following commercial visitor activities under Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)
  • Air Taxi
  • Alsek River Guided Rafting (limited by prior allocation of take-out dates)
  • Boating Trips (Glacier Bay Preserve only)
  • Group Camping (Bartlett Cove Campground Group Campsite only)
  • Guided Day Hiking (Bartlett Cove Developed Area Only)
  • Guided Kayaking
  • Guided Mountaineering
  • Guided Overnight Backcountry
  • Guided Photography
  • Guided Sport Fishing (Marine and freshwater authorized only in Glacier Bay National Preserve)
  • Guided Winter Backcountry (includes skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking on snow)
  • Passenger Ferry Service (between Juneau-Bartlett Cove-Juneau)
  • Vehicle Transportation Services (ATV Ground Transportation Services in Dry Bay related to Alsek River Rafting trips)
  1. This Permit is a granted privilege to provide business services on United States Property within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The Permittee agrees to exercise this privilege subject to the supervision of the Superintendent and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the area, including all exhibits, amendments, or written direction of the Superintendent. The Permittee will have none of the rights or privileges of and is not a concessioner to the National Park Service (NPS).
  2. By affixing their signature to this Permit, the Permittee explicitly agrees to be subject to all Provisions stated herein, and all Attachments and all Specific Conditions attached. Violation of, or noncompliance with these Provisions, Attachments and Specific Conditions is grounds for revocation. (Re: 36 CFR §5.3)
  3. The Permittee shall ensure that each of its employees understands the authorization contents by providing training which shall include all conditions and stipulations. Permittee shall provide written documentation to the NPS (upon request) of this training.
  4. Guides are not allowed to accompany clients in areas closed to CUA activities and any guides accompanying clients in such areas will be assumed to be conducting guiding activities and considered to be in noncompliance of the terms of the CUA.
  5. A Permittee may not employ or become a partner with another Permittee/former Permittee who’s Permit; (1) has been revoked and (2) involved the same or related services, within the last 5 years. Exceptions my granted only through written permission of the Superintendent, which permission may be withheld in the Superintendent’s discretion. Similarly, an employee registered under this Permit who engages in unsafe operation, causes damage to the natural/cultural resources or facilities, violates these Provisions, Specific Conditions, demonstrates poor ethics, decorum, courtesy, or visitor service, or whose actions result in conviction of violation of the CFR and/or the USC may not continue to provide services within the park/preserve.
  6. No NPS concession contract or commercial use authorization to conduct commercial services in a park will be issued to NPS employees or their spouses and minor children who are owners, partners, corporate officers or general managers of any business seeking such a contract in federal land managed by the Department of the Interior. (Re: NPS MP2001 –
  7. Permittee is required to provide current list of employees, vessels and aircraft to the Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve Commercial Services Office, PO Box 140, Gustavus, AK 99826 or e-mail us. An updated list will be sent any time employees, vessels or aircraft are removed or added.
  8. Only the Permittee and their employees registered under this Permit are authorized to provide services specified in this Permit within the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The Permittee may not subcontract or otherwise allow outside entities and/or non-registered employees to provide any services within the park/preserve, under the auspices of this Permit.
  9. Each group leader/guide must possess, at a minimum, current basic First Aid and CPR certification. Agencies that provide qualifying certifications include: American Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute, National Safety Council and National Ski Patrol. Documentation must be presented upon request from NPS personnel.
  10. Each group leader/guide shall carry and be familiar with, at a minimum, a basic first aid kit appropriate for the area, activities and cliental.
  11. Guides must be trained in, demonstrate through action and teach Leave-No-Trace etiquette as appropriate to their activity.
  12. Guides must provide appropriate safety messages to all of their clients prior to each guided activity. This information is available on the park website at:
  13. Guides must demonstrate effective interpretive techniques and skills that convey information about Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and its mission. These techniques and skills must include the ability to present information thematically, with relevance to place and incorporation of teachable moments. A good place to start is the GLBA website including:, and
  14. All employees shall maintain the highest professional standards of conduct, treating clients and others with respect. Guides must also respect the freedoms and rights of other groups and individuals they encounter on federal lands.
  15. Any food service provided must be provided in accordance with current U.S. Public Health Service Food Code.
    • Any food items provided by the Permittee to the visitor/clients will only originate from an approved food source (i.e. supermarket, grocery store, etc.).
    • Permittee is required to have a Food Handlers certification for each employee preparing, handling and/or providing the visitors/clients any food items of a perishable nature. The Permittee must be able to provide a copy of certification, if asked.
    • Alcohol must not be provided.
  16. This Permit is applicable only for the use of the area(s) and terms designated in the Permit. The Permittee must not construct any temporary or permanent structures of any kind anywhere within the boundaries of the park/preserve and will not be assigned any facilities or portions thereof, located within the park/preserve, except as allowed to the general public.
  17. The area(s) authorized for use under this Permit must be left in substantially the same condition as it was prior to the activities authorized herein, with all refuse properly disposed of or otherwise as required by the Superintendent.
  18. No personal or business property of any kind may be stored or left unattended on park lands for more than 24 hours without written permission from the superintendent.
  19. The Permittee must pay the United States for any damage to any Government property resulting from the activities of the Permittee.
  20. The Permittee must pay the United States for any damage to any Government property resulting from the activities of the Permittee.
  21. Permittee must ensure that current, correct copies of all permits and/or licenses are always on file in the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Commercial Services Office.
  22. The Permittee and their employees under this permit must immediately report life-threatening incidents, all accidents and spills caused or observed, to NPS Dispatch on Marine Band Channel 16, or by telephone at 907-697-2651. NPS Dispatch will contact the proper response entities.
  23. The Permittee is required to formally report in writing all incidents involving an accident, collision, fire, injury, or other casualty to the Superintendent within 24 hours, regardless of the extent of damages. Filing this report to the Superintendent does not satisfy applicable United States Coast Guard, State, and County accident reporting requirements.
  24. Permittee must dispose of all such waste and debris associated with activities authorized within this Permit outside the park/preserve. Permittee may not use garbage collection facilities provided for the public within the park.
  25. The Permittee and their employees must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to hazardous materials, discharge or pollutants, and the general disposal of wastes, and shall take all measures necessary to prevent any hazardous material from entering the lands and water of the park/preserve.
  26. In addition to the reporting requirement for specific activities, the Permittee must submit an activity report using the appropriate forms posted at by November 15 of each year. The permittee must report their activity for all areas of the park, including the portions of the Gulf of Alaska, Cross Sound, North Inian Pass, North Pass, Icy Passage and Excursion Inlet that are within the park boundary. Send the completed forms to: Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, Commercial Services Office, P.O. Box 140, Gustavus, AK 99826 or e-mail us.

Last updated: August 29, 2018

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