CUA Application Checklist

Please include the following in your new Glacier Bay CUA Application Package:

  • Application (Form 10-550) - If you are a new applicant or a current CUA holder wanting to renew, submit a completed Glacier Bay National Park CUA Application (NPS form 10-550) including signature which indicates your statements are true and accurate and you have read and will comply with the Glacier Bay National Park CUA Stipulations associated with your activity.
  • Alaska Business License - can be purchased online at this site: The name and address of your business should match the name used on your application and Alaska Business License, to include any Doing Business As (DBA’s).
  • Application and Management Fee Receipt - Pay a one or two year Application and Management Fees. Go here for current Fee schedule. Fee Payments for Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve CUAs can be made online via Print and save receipt to include in application package.
  • Basic First Aid/CPR certifications for guides.
  • Aircraft/Vessel/Vehicle Certificates of Documentation/licenses and expiration dates.
  • Proof of Insurance – Insurance is required for commercial general liability and automobile liability for any vehicles used commercially in Glacier Bay National Park regardless if clients are transported in the vehicle. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the park receives its current insurance information and maintains a current certificate of insurance (COI) with the proper coverage amounts. Current insurance requirements to operate in Glacier Bay NP can be found here.

Insurance Certificates must include the following information or it will delay processing:

The US Government is a named additional insured (Your Certificate of Insurance must include a statement verifying the US Government is named as an additional insured on your policy.) Additional insured address should read:

United States of America
National Park Service- Concessions

Send proof of insurance to:

Glacier Bay National Park- Concessions
P.O. Box 140
Gustavus, AK 99826

  • A.M. Best Identification Number of the insurance company. All insurers must be admitted (licensed) in the state in which the permittee is domiciled.
  • Submit a statement explaining your policy regarding the use of ‘Acknowledgement of Risk’ forms. Are you using the risk form provided by Glacier Bay National Park, a company specific risk form, or is no form used. If the provided form is not being used please acknowledge this in a statement. If a form is being used please include your form with the application package.
  • Include an advertising brochure and/or website address.

A reminder for current CUA holders - If you are a current CUA holder, please be sure to submit an Annual Financial Report (Form 10-660) if you operated in the previous operating year (January 1 – December 31). This report DUE each year by November 15. Failure to turn in your annual report may result in delays of any new CUA applications.

Application Package can be mailed or emailed to:

Glacier Bay National Park- Concessions
P.O. Box 140
Gustavus, AK 99826

Last updated: June 13, 2019

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