Glacier National Park from Apgar Lookout
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Glacier National Park Video Clips

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The following video clips were taken on June 4, 1999 in the Logan Pass area.
Low clouds had the entire area socked in for most of the day. These video clips will give you an idea of the incredibly difficult and dangerous task that our plowing crew faces as they work to open up the Logan Pass section of the road.

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Quicktime Clip 1

oberlin2.jpg (19674 bytes)
Quicktime Clip 2

RealVideo Clips 1 & 2

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Rick Tekulve, in the rotary plow, and Don Tyree, in the bulldozer, work to clear the road at Oberlin Bend, about a half a mile west of Logan Pass. Snow levels on this section average between 15 and 30 feet high.

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bigdrift1.jpg (4705 bytes)
RealVideo Clip 3

Quicktime Clip 3

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Steve Garrow makes the initial cuts in the top of the Big Drift. In the distance, after the fog clears, you can see the crew from the east side making their way up the road.

gorge.jpg (8702 bytes) Avalanche Gorge
One of the highlights of the Trail of the Cedars is Avalanche Gorge. The stream has cut a deep narrow gorge where Avalanche Creek tumbles out of the mountains into the McDonald valley.

1,623 kb file
1 minute, 12 second clip

dawnmist.jpg (7529 bytes) Dawn Mist Falls
Located in the Belly River area of the park, Dawn Mist Falls is one of the little surprises that await the backcountry traveler to the park. It is a popular stopping point on the trail between Belly River Ranger Station and Elizabeth Lake

821 kb file
30 second clip

bearmovie.jpg (9887 bytes) Black Bear
While roadside bear sightings are not common, they do happen. This bear was feasting on spring dandelions, along the edge of Highway 2, on the southern boundary of the park

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1 minute, 35 seconds

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