Laura Law's Education Blog - January 2009

Camouflaged third grader
Third Grade Student Camouflaged in Snow

January 30, 2009

Whew! I can't believe it's the end of January and I haven't gotten my blog updated for this month! We've had a full schedule of training the first week of the month, then the school groups have been rolling in every day since. Check out this photo of one of our 3rd grade visitors who "volunteered" to be camouflaged on one of the activities during the snowshoe hike.

winter staff investigating snow layers
Winter Staff Examining Layers in Snow

We have 2 returning winter staff and 1 new person. Megan Chaisson and Jennifer Thelen both worked here over the summer. Megan is actually back for her THIRD winter leading snowshoe programs!

Our new staff person is Maci Macpherson who has worked in Grand Teton National Park. All three of them have been busy with training, preparing equipment and getting out on the trail with the school groups. One of our training days in January was with other local outdoor educators. Jim Halfpenny, an instructor from the Yellowstone Institute and author of Winter- An Ecological Handbook, came up to Glacier and got us into the snow to examine changes in the snowpack.

I'm happy to report that I've finally managed to put the Work House: A Glacier National Park Science Education Program onto its own page on our website. I've also set up web pages with the songs our Artist in Residence created last summer.

Stay "tuned" (ha, ha!)...

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