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You can become a Junior Ranger!

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Junior Rangers "Explore, Learn, and Protect" their national parks. Become a Junior Ranger by learning about animals, glaciers, human history, and more! Once you take the time to learn about the park and its valuable resources, you will be able to share your knowledge with friends and family to help them understand why Glacier National Park is a special place. You'll even receive a gold badge to remind you of your important role in the National Park Service.

How Do I Become a Glacier Junior Ranger?
Glacier Junior Rangers have to complete tasks to earn their badge: visit the park, attend a ranger-led program, and correctly complete at least 5 of the activities in our Junior Ranger booklet. Booklets are available from the park visitor centers at Apgar, Logan Pass, and St. Mary. When you are finished with the booklet, take it back to any of these visitor centers to have a ranger check your answers and to receive your badge.

Junior Rangers Online
You can download pages from the Junior Ranger booklet below or

Become a Web Ranger!

Become a Centennial Junior Ranger!
Join in the Centennial celebration by discovering the wonder of our country's majestic national parks in this fun, informative, and adventure-filled Centennial Junior Ranger booklet (pdf 3.5 MB).

Check out National Junior Ranger Program Booklets too.


Junior Ranger Activities

Most people think that Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is an important place to protect because of the glaciers in the park. While this is true, the glaciers are just part of the story!

This area was made a national park because of its unique geology (including the glaciers), importance to American Indians, its diversity of species (like bears), wilderness character and the cultural history of how westward movement changed the people and the landscape. In 1932, Glacier was designated as the world's first International Peace Park which has led other countries around the world to work together to protect shared park resources.

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Glacier's Junior Ranger Activity Book

Below are some pages from the book, all in pdf format:

Answer Key (2.1 mb)


There are more activities on the Park Fun page.

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