Student Poetry

4th Graders, Ruder Elementary School, Columbia Falls, MT, Spring 2007

Mysterious, free
Gliding, pacing, leaping
Hunting for survival
Author: Mary

Frozen, cold
Moving, melting, changing
Slipping down the slope
Author: Cody A.

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7th Graders, Helena Flats School, Kalispell, MT, Winter/Spring 2007

Glacier Park Winters
Pale powdered mountains in the distant view,
Snow quietly tumbles down the jagged slopes.
The eagle slowly flys over head cutting through icy winds with every
beat of his powerful wings.
Not a sound to be heard, but the moans and
twisting screams of dead
Frosted over evergreens viciously shake off the newly fallen snow.
Footprints in the snow, so many, no one around to fill them.
Hypnotizing, icy streams whirling around and around waiting to
grasp your ankle to pull you into its world of wonders.
Tiny snowflakes under my feet making faint cries as they are being
stepped upon.
The wind whispers its soft melody in my ears as it whistles on by.
This is nothing more, but nature during winter in Glacier Park.
Author: Marnic

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