Glacier Teacher's Guide

Glacier is a center-piece of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (COCE), a vibrant, functional ecosystem. It will remain so provided the all of us who treasure this place are willing to do three things. First we must make ourselves aware of the ecological processes that govern this ecosystem and humankind's impact on those processes. Second, we must be concerned about maintaining the health of this ecosystem, and third, we must translate our concerns into beneficial actions. The lessons in this guide were written to help facilitate these three steps.

The different lessons provide explanations and insight into the significant resources protected in Glacier:

  • Wilderness
  • Biodiversity
  • Native American cultural sites
  • Geology
  • The International Peace Park vision
  • 1800s, 1900s history

The essence of the Glacier Teacher's Guide is captured in the story of Pluie the wolf. Connections like those shown in Pluie's journey are the focus of the guide. The connections are not just biological. They are also economic, political, cultural and spiritual.



Peruse the Resource Guides to acquaint yourself with the park, then delve into the the lessons. There are multiple activities contained in each unit.

children on trail with ranger look at large rock

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Grades K-3

Unit One: You Are Here
Unit Two: My Home's in the Park
Unit Three: Rottenly Beautiful; Life & Death Cycles
Unit Four: The Three Bears
Unit Five: Rock Park

Students watch speaker in woods


Grades 4-6

Unit One: The Geography of Me
Unit Two: The Ice Spirits
Unit Three: Our Medicine, Our Food
Unit Four: Shared Spirits
Unit Five: Winter Wanderings
Unit Six: Skyscrapers: Cities in the Old Growth
Unit Seven: The Peace Park: A Climate Laboratory

two students look in bucket


Grades 7-12

Unit One: An International Peace Park
Unit Two: A Serious Economics Nut
Unit Three: Parks in the Parks: The Aspenlands
Unit Four: Land of the Giants
Unit Five: A Park Not Alone

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