Pre- and Post-Visit: Fire Ecology

Students that have spent time preparing for their visit to Glacier National Park get more out of a field trip to the park. Activities post-visit also help to reinforce information learned during the trip.

The following are some of our suggested pre-visit activities, as well as supplementary materials that may aid in preparing for your trip. A good place to start is with this introduction to the National Park Service.

Suggested Classroom Activities from Teacher's Guide

  • Locating Glacier National Park
  • Meeting the Fire Triangle (pp. 60-62 of the Teacher's Guide below)
  • Meeting the Fire Triangle 2 (pp. 63-66 of the Teacher's Guide below)

Fall and Spring Teacher's Guide (pdf) - this is a large file and may take time to download

Other Suggested Classroom Activities

  • We highly recommend borrowing our FireWorks educational trunk to supplement a fire ecology field trip. Upon borrowing the trunk, we can help select activities that would be appropriate for your age group or grade.
  • Key to the Coniferous Trees in Glacier
  • Watch the 20-minute documentary video, Disturbance, produced in conjunction with the National Park Service Fire Management Division.

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