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This trunk contains all the resources needed to facilitate learning about bears in your classroom! Discussions focus on bear biology, habitats, and food sources with an emphasis on identifying bears and playing safely in in bear country.  

Lesson Plans
There are lesson plans and activity ideas for K-12 in the bear trunk. Many of the materials are copyrighted but for upper elementary and middle school, here is the table of contents of The Bear Connection which is included in hard copy in the trunk. Also in the trunk is a printed copy of the curriculum created in conjunction with an exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Bears Imagination and Reality (upper elementary level). For high school students, both of these can be supplemented with the handouts from the bear DNA research study in the park. For the younger grades, K - 3, teachers have helped us put together and include some of their favorite story books, songs, art, drama, and additional activities to make this trunk pertinent to all ages.
Check out the Bear Essentials Curriculum for additional materials not found in the trunk.


  • Bears and Their Dens. Tagliaferro, L. 2004. (ISBN: 0736851216)
  • Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. Hodge, D. 1996. (ISBN: 1550743554)
  • Every Autumn Comes The Bear. Arnosky, J. 1996. (ISBN: 0698114051)
  • Grizzly Cub. McIntyre, R. 1990. (ISBN: 0882403737)
  • I Don't See Any Bears, Do You?. Howell, T. 2005. (ISBN: 087358886X)
  • The Last Bit Bear. Chisholm deYounge, S. and Ditzler Meloy, E. 2004. (ISBN: 157098431X)
  • The Manmade Bear. 1980
  • Somebody and the Three Blairs. Tolhurst, M. 1995. (ISBN: 0590539604)


  • Glacier. Reader's Digest. VHS video
  • The Great Bears of North America. VHS video
  • Bears. IMAX DVD
  • Bear PowerPoint CD-ROM with script (two versions, one for older students and one for younger students)

Other Resources

  • Grizzly bear track cast
  • Skulls-black bear and grizzly bear
  • Claws-black bear (reproduction) and grizzly bear (reproduction)
  • Pelts-black bear (young)
  • Puppets-grizzly bear hand puppet
  • Be Bear Aware (coloring book for distribution)
  • Jewels of Glacier poster and key
  • Bears of the Rockies poster
  • Three bear family sort, pattern, play activity set

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All of Glacier's traveling trunks are free of charge and can be borrowed for 2-4 weeks at a time but must be picked-up and dropped-off in person (Sorry, it is not possible to mail the trunks.) To arrange to borrow a trunk please submit this reservation form for the trunk you are interested in and the dates you would like to borrow it. If you have other questions about the traveling trunks, email us.


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