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The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center is dedicated to communicating research and science results in Glacier National Park through the production of a variety of publications and media. These include web-based products, such as video and audio podcasts, as well as various documents produced by the Science Communication Specialist and other staff of the CCRLC, including resource bulletins, position papers, and newsletters.


The CCRLC produces interactive media that explores research, citizen science programs, and areas of interest within the Crown of the Continent.

Science & Learning Videos

Avalanche Basin Podcasts
Climate Cast Podcast

Science in the Crown Newsletter

Science in the Crown is a periodic newsletter produced by the CCRLC to highlight projects, research, scientists and resource managers working in Glacier National Park and throughout the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

Latest Issue:
Fall/Winter 2015 (Vol. 11)

View past issues of Science in the Crown by visiting our Archived Newsletters page.

Resource Briefs

To facilitate understanding of the various natural and cultural resources in Glacier National Park, the CCRLC continues to produce a series of resource bulletins highlighting particular resources, species or concepts of interest to park managers, staff and visitors.

Climate Change

Climate Change and Biotic Patterns
Climate Change and Glaciers
Climate Change and the Water Cycle

Fire Ecology

Fire and Invasive Weeds
Grassland Fire Ecology (Little Bighorn Battlefield NM)
Northern Hawk Owl
Wildland Fire Ecology

Natural Resources

Invasive Plants
Whitebark Pine
Aquatic Invasive Species
Saving Glacier's Native Fish
Forest Health
Common Loon
Mountain Goats

Cultural Resources

North Fork Homesteads
Ice Patch Archeology

Brochures and Other Products

Invasive Plants of the Crown of the Continent
This document is a comprehensive field guide to invasive plant species that are established in or encroaching on the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. It includes detailed information on 42 species and brief descriptions of 21 additional species.

Aquatic invasive Species Threatening the Crown of the Continent
This field guide identifies over 45 species of invertebrates, fish, plants, and more threatening the ecosystem; and explains how to prevent their spread.

These guides were developed through a collaborative effort and support of numerous agencies and organizations that are members of the Crown Managers Partnership.

Last updated: July 11, 2017

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