National Trails Data Standards

Interagency Trail Data Standards (ITDS) T1 Team Meeting

Telecon - 04-12-2005

ITDS Meeting Notes

ITDS GIS Task 1: Complete Definition of ITDS for Tabular and Spatial Implementation

  1. Identify needed data parameters (i.e. needed or missing attribute variable including accuracy, alpha versus num, # characters, etc.)
  2. Verify the ITDS attributes applicable for spatial display
  3. Define data parameters for each applicable attribute

ITDS / GIS Task 1 Team (T1 Team)

Team members present for 4/12/2005 call noted in blue
USFS Jaime Schmidt (ITDS Team), Ethan Bodin (Infra / GIS), Rob Aiken (Infra / GIS)
NPS David Duran (ITDS Team), Helen Scully (ITDS Team), Dick Mayle (ITDS Team), Kay Threlkeld (ITDS Team), Dave Best (NPS GIS), Joe Gregson (NPS Nat.l Map), (Lisa Nelson--Joe.s alternate)
BLM Bill Gibson (ITDS Team), Ed Harne (BLM GIS), Tom Chatfield (BLM GIS), Marguerite McKee (BLM GIS)
FWS Deb Green (FWS GIS)

Next ITDS Team #1 Conference Call:

  • May 16, Tuesday 2pm Eastern (Phone: 877-989-1671, Pass Code: 894050#)
  • Continue review on all pending items, including:
    • Review/Populate Data Parameters for Meta Data Attributes: Date Record Created, Date Record Updated, Mileage Source (based on initial draft by Ethan Bodin?)
    • Validate/Resolve .Interagency Trail Identifier. Attribute: Is it needed and if so, how should the attribute and LOV.s be formulated?
    • Discuss/Resolve .Geolocation: Attribute: Need to verify intent/purpose of attribute and if needed for spatial and/or tabular data. Review/finalize Attribute Source column (based on initial 3/14 ITDS draft by Tom Chatfield)
    • Follow-up on pending items listed below or noted on ITDS spreadsheet in red (Tom will incorporate most recent edits & send updated ITDS spreadsheet to T1 Team)

Follow-Up Items from 4/12/05 and Previous Concalls:

1. Next Call: Send out date/time/number for next call (Jaime)

2. Missing Attribute? Add missing attribute identified by Helen & Jaime in Austin 2004 (Jaime by 5/14)
[Note to T1 Team: I.ll continue checking but so far, in checking back through May, 2003 I haven.t found the .missing. attribute]

3. Congressional District: Need copy of Congressional District LOV.s from each agency, send to Dave Duran (FS-Ethan; NPS-David; BLM-Bill/Tom; FWS-Deb). As of 4/12: Dave will check status and let reps know what.s still needed.

4. County: Need to know which agencies use FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) codes for county ( If your agency uses non-FIPS codes, send codes to Dave Duran. (FS-Ethan; NPS-David; BLM-Bill/Tom; FWS-Deb) As of 4/12: Dave will check status and let reps know what.s still needed.

5. BMP/EMP: Agency reps need to verify with agency data leads that ITDS will be captured by BMP/EMP (Begin Measure Point/ End Measure Point), with recommended unit of measure being miles to the 4th decimal place. [As of 4/12: Per Tom, BLM.s FAMS is using BMP/EMP recorded to 2nd decimal place; Per Dave, NPS.s FMSS will be using BMP/EMP to 5th decimal place; Per Jaime, USFS. Infra is using BMP/EMP to the 4th decimal place; FWS status.Deb?)

6. Crosswalk Translation: Agency reps (all) need to get crosswalk translation for all applicable attributes to Tom Chatfield. Tom hasn't received anything as of 4/12. Reps need to get LOV.s to Tom by 5/14 (FS-Ethan, NPS-Dave (Dick Mayle?), BLM-Tom, FWS-Deb).

7. FWS: Add Sean Furness. FWS edits to ITDS (Jaime). Review ITDS to ensure FWS included in any joint references to USFS, NPS, BLM (and now FWS). (Jaime & Helen) Complete by 5/14.

8. NHT Site Number: Check with ITDS NHT team.are these numbers unique (what.s site numbering structure)? (Jaime) Complete by 5/14.

9. Trail Status & Trail System-- Null / Not Null? Need to verify whether these basic coarse filter attributes (i.e. essential for most queries) should be identified as Not Null. (all) Still pending.Agency reps need to provide input by 5/16.

Pending BIN Items: (updated 4/12/2005)

1. Standardized Use or ArcInfo? Are the ITDS intended for general application or ArcInfo specifically? Consensus is that ITDS are to be generally defined, not platform-specific (i.e. ArcInfo). Consider adding generic ITDS statement about deliverable ITDS products (i.e. recommend most generic deliverable.standardized use of Arc shape files or FGDC Spatial Data Transfer Standard?)

2. Attribute Source (Optional): T1 defined as "The source of the geographic position of the arc."

How do we cover.a separate row or column in ITDS table?

T1 Team: Clarify.Do we .store in English LOV.s. or .leave open for free text.??

3/8 Discussion:

  • Purpose of attribute: to determine level of data accuracy and basis for data.
  • Defining some sort of LOV.s would be more useful than an open-ended list.
  • Define list in general terms (i.e. recreational or professional-level GPS, quantify positional accuracy rather than actual GPS unit).
  • Keep metadata row Mileage Source (potentially applicable to each attribute); and review/populate Attribute Source column for each attribute or determine Not Applicable
  • Tom will draft initial list for 3/15 review.

3/15 Discussion:

  • Do we need to track each ITDS attribute to this .feature-level. of detail at interagency level?
    NO-incorporate as applicable in Metadata Row (Tom will deleted column from ITDS spreadsheet). Need to create metadata LOVs.
    USFS: No.not tracked at this level of detail for all attributes in Infra (although is tracked for certain attributes)-per Ethan.
    FWS: No-enough trouble getting basic metadata-don't need to go to this effort at interagency level (per Deb).
    BLM: Ditto FWS above, plus refer to Tom's 3/14 notes on this (per Tom)
    NPS: Ditto above (per Kay & Tom)

3. Null / Not Null: Those data fields that must have a value recorded. In ITDS Data Dictionary, the Not Null requirement was limited to those ITDS attributes required for basic route identification and inventory. (Incorporate in documentation as explanation, or Q&A)

4. Interagency Trail Identifier (Pending)

3/8 Discussion:

  • One approach: Would need to be based on an interagency-general crosswalk table that identifies a unique identifier for any trail crossing multiple Managing Orgs. Could be a complicated task.(resulting in a mini-database of its own?)
  • Is there another approach?
  • Need to weigh benefit vs cost.i.e. effort, cost of data population& update (T1 Team)

5. Metadata Attributes: (Pending)

6. Geolocator: (Pending) Need to discuss how this is currently handled within each agency and how it can be resolved at interagency level.

7. NHT Certified Sites & Segments: What.s status of this attribute (was it dropped?) (Jaime)

Update: ITDS Pilot (T2)

  • Per Helen: NPS. Steve Elkinton has $10M-$24M potentially available toward the pilot. Would need to define scope/outputs, and obligate this FY. (Dave Duran, Helen & Jaime follow-up with Barry Napier at FS-GSTC-- Jaime set up call).
  • [Note: Due to DOI requirement, NPS & BLM reps cannot act as project manager on this task unless certified as Project Manager.]

Reference / Resolved BIN Items: (updated 4/12/2005)

1. Data Parameter "Type": When defining Type ITDS attributes, keep in mind that ESRI has well-defined list of potential LOVs.

2. Verify LOV Width: Discussed standard use of 40 for LOV width for text values.does this require agencies to tie up a bunch of extra database space? Agreed that if LOV width has already been established and is being implemented by an agency, to stick with that width. If not yet established/implemented, agreed with need to optimize LOV (leaving some flexibility for potentially longer values in the future).

3. Verify Abbreviations: Review final Data Parameters for consistent use of abbreviations (Tom completed-- Jan.)

4. Additional Designed Use & Managed Use LOVs: Helen mentioned comment from Land & Water Conservation Fund Stateside Trail Assistance need to track fitness trails. Would it be appropriate to add additional LOV.s (fitness trails, roller blade, etc). Or could it be handled by adding LOV of .Other.? Tom reminded group that ITDS currently include LOV .Not Specified.. ITDS GIS group agreed to stick with current LOV.s. Other agencies/entities can expand LOV.s to meet their needs.

5. BMP/EMP: How do we cover BMP/EMP in terms of ITDS.a separate row or column in ITDS table?

4/12 Discussion: T1 Team discussed and agreed to cover BMP/EMP in ITDS Business Rules. Add statement that ITDS attributes will be recorded by BMP/EMP in miles to at least 2nd decimal place. (Tom deleted BMP/EMP column from ITDS spreadsheet)

6. Metadata (Common to all data attributes):

4/12 Discussion:

  • Ethan: In Infra Trails, each time user creates/uses record.Infra system automatically stores that any linear event changed (who created/made the edit & date). Attributes that apply to the entire trail record (i.e. name, number), metadata notes that .an attribute. changed & data (but not which specific attribute).
  • Tom, Kay, Deb: Questions about how this can be it feasible with current data models?
  • ITDS Internal/External Review: Reviewers were asking for FGDC qualified metadata (referencing when entire data set/record was updated, info on general source info.not attribute-specific).
  • Per Tom.s review of other agency datasets, nobody is going to attribute-specific metadata, with exception of Infra. Some are looking for feature-level (single arc or line segment on spatial) metadata at most.

T1 Team Consensus:

  • Attribute-level metadata is beyond scope (and feasibility) of what.s needed at ITDS level.
  • Spatial data will have FGDC-compliant metadata for the trail (see ITDS Data Parameters).

ITDS Data Parameters DRAFT (updated 12/13/2004)

Generally Applicable Data Parameters

The T1 Team has identified the following data parameters that are generally applicable to all Interagency Trail Data Standards (version 1).
Spatial Data Source:Best available source with a target source scale of at least 1:24k for continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Hawaii and 1:63,360 for Alaska.
Horizontal Accuracy:Accuracy testing must use NSSDA testing guidelines or be reported based on compiled, published test reports appropriate for the data collection method and equipment.
The method of determining accuracy should be documented in the process step of the dataset metadata record. If published accuracy results are used, use the statement .Compiled to meet ___ (meters, feet) horizontal accuracy at 95% confidence interval. in the metadata record, and identify the testing source used. If accuracy is locally tested to NSSDA standards, the statement .Tested to meet ___ (meters, feet) horizontal accuracy at 95% confidence interval. should be added to the metadata record.
Accuracy for legacy data may be reported according to the accuracy standard in place at the time of data collection (typically National Map Accuracy Standards). Document the standard used in the metadata record.
(For more information, see:
Spatial Reference Information:Agency appropriate. A complete projection description in FGDC format is required including horizontal coordinate system, datum, and units of measure. Include vertical coordinate system information where necessary.
Feature Type:Line (route and arc topology)
Precision:Double precision

Attribute-Specific Data Parameters

The T1 Team has identified the following variables, which next need to be defined for each applicable ITDS attribute. (T1 Team pending or review items noted in blue.)
Data ParameterData Parameter Definition / Criteria
GIS Item NameThe name the attribute is called in the GIS layer (10 characters or less).
GIS Alternate Name (If Applicable)If applicable, the GIS alias or crosswalk name for the ITDS attribute (not limited to 10 characters).
WidthField width (excluding decimal point, as would be defined in Oracle database. WORDSMITH)
TypeText, Integer, Numeric (decimal) or Date.
(T1 Team: verify during review of specific attributes whether Numeric is consistent unit of measure needed?)
T1 added .date. 11/23.verify concurrence with all
Number of DecimalsNumber of decimal places displayed when Type=Numeric. (see T1 note above)
Null / Not NullIdentification of whether a Null value or Not Null value is allowed.
Unique / Not UniqueIdentified value is not duplicated between trail records (WORDSMITH.Serah?)

Additional Attributes Considered

Below is a listing of the FGDC Attributes considered, and the corresponding ITDS disposition as identified by the T1 Team.
FGDC AttributeRelated ITDS Data Parameter or Disposition
Attribute LabelITDS Data Parameter: GIS Item Name
Attribute DefinitionITDS: Attribution Definition
Attribute Definition SourceITDS Attributes Definitions developed by ITDS Team (2003-2004)
Attribute Domain ValuesITDS: List of Values
Vertical AccuracyNot included in ITDS Data Parameters at this time because line features are not currently being modeled as 3D features. May be revisited if needed in the future.

Below is a lis

ting of additional ESRI Profile Attributes considered, and the corresponding ITDS disposition as identified by the T1 Team. ,/TR>
ESRI Profile AttributeRelated ITDS Data Parameter or Disposition
Attribute AliasITDS Data Parameter: GIS Alternate Name
Attribute TypeITDS Data Parameter: Type
Attribute WidthITDS Data Parameter: Width
Attribute PrecisionITDS Data Parameter: Precision
Attribute ScalePre-defined under ITDS Spatial Data Source
Attribute Output WidthNot included in ITDS since this attribute is software specific and/or reflects outdated technology
Attribute Number of DecimalsITDS Data Parameter: Number of Decimals
Attribute IndexedNot included in ITDS since this attribute is software-specific
Sub-Type InformationNot included in ITDS since this attribute is software-specific
Relationship ClassNot included in ITDS since this is software-specific and does not apply to basic GIS layers