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Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

National Capital Region
Tammy Stidham

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The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (POHE) was added to the National Park Service (NPS) in the 1970ís. Unlike other parks in the National Capital Region, POHE is a trail corridor that encompasses portions two NPS units, the Chesapeake and Ohio National Historical Park and the George Washington Memorial Parkway The propose of POHE is to connect the Chesapeake Bay and the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania with a series of trails. To do this, the park must partner with state and local governments to establish official linkages to the current segments.

The purpose of this map is to determine where possible linkages already exist and to identify where the park superintendent should focus his efforts in creating these partnerships. To do this, existing, planned, and, proposed trails were mapped along with the NPS and state lands.

This map has provided the superintendent with a tool that he can use to convince state/local governments to partner with POHE to meet the parkís objectives. It has also been used to describe the unusual designation of this park and has helped portray the amount of work necessary to accomplish the parkís goal.

April 08, 2004