Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Buses and Oversized Vehicles ONLY

  1. For the new, re-routed Auto Tour, should all buses turn left at Millerstown Road?

    • Yes. Buses should turn left at Millerstown Road. There will be no bus access allowed on South Confederate Avenue.

  2. Will there be additional bus parking in lieu of Little Round Top? If so, where?

    • No. No additional bus parking will be made available.

  3. Is the Ayres Avenue loop a viewing area for buses?

    • No. Ayres Avenue will be closed to buses.

Basic Information for ALL Visitors

  1. Why will Little Round Top close?

    • The rehabilitation of Little Round Top will address overwhelmed parking areas, poor accessibility and related safety hazards, significant erosion, and degraded vegetation.

    • The scope of the project will reestablish, preserve, and protect the features that make up this segment of the battlefield landscape.

    • This project will also enhance the visitor experience with improved interpretive signage, new accessible trail alignments, and gathering areas.

    • These improvements will allow visitors to better immerse themselves into the historic landscape that is essential to understanding the three-day Battle of Gettysburg.

  2. How long will it be closed?

    • Approximately 18 months.

  3. What roads will be closed?

    • South Confederate Avenue (just past the Picnic Area exit), Sykes Avenue, Warren Avenue, and Wright Avenue.

  4. Can visitors walk to the top of Little Round Top?

    • No. For the safety of all visitors and contractors, the entire area around Little Round Top, bordered by Wheatfield Road, Crawford Avenue, Warren Avenue, and Sykes Avenue, will be closed.

  5. Can visitors still visit the 20th Maine monument?

    • No. The area surrounding the 20th Maine monument will be an active construction area.

  6. Can I access any of the monuments on Little Round Top?

    • No. All monuments located on Little Round Top will be inaccessible.

  7. Can visitors still walk, hike, and ride their bikes on roads closed to vehicles within the Little Round Top closure area?

    • Yes. South Confederate Avenue will remain open for visitors to walk, hike, and ride their bikes from the Picnic Area to near the four-way intersection of South Confederate Ave., Warren Ave., Sykes Ave., and Wright Ave.

    • All walking trails in this area will also remain open. This includes the trails south of South Confederate Avenue around Big Round Top and the trails north of South Confederate Avenue that lead to Devil’s Den and the Slyder and Bushman farms.

  8. Will there be Auto Tour detour maps available?

    • Yes. We have new Auto Tour maps available at the Museum and Visitor Center. This new map will also be distributed throughout the Gettysburg area.

  9. Where can I learn more about Little Round Top, such as a virtual Ranger program, in lieu of visiting?

  10. How will my trip be impacted?

    • The impact to your visit will be minimal because there is lots to see and experience. Although a small 50-acre area around the summit of Little Round Top will be unavailable, Gettysburg National Military Park has over 6,000 acres for you to explore.

  11. Is there a Little Round Top designated viewing area?

    • No. There is no designated viewing area for Little Round Top.

  12. Is the Ayres Avenue loop a viewing area for automobiles?

    • No. The Ayres Avenue loop will be blocked off to parking and will be a drive through area only.

  13. Where are the nearest restrooms?

    • South End Guide Station along Emmitsburg Road and the Pennsylvania Memorial.

  14. Will there be a live webcam?

    • No, but park staff will provide videos and photo albums to provide updates via the park website.

  15. Is the Boy Scout Trail (Billy Yank) affected?

  16. Will I be able to acquire a permit for any activities at Little Round Top during the rehabilitation project?

    • No. No permits will be granted for the Little Round Top area during the rehabilitation project.

  17. How was the need to rehab Little Round Top determined?

  18. How much will this project cost?

    • $13 million ($11 million for construction & $2 million for re-vegetation)

  19. Who is paying for this project?

    • The project is funded with a mix of private and federal funding.

  20. How many linear feet of accessible trails will be created as part of this project?

    • Prior to the rehabilitation project, there were 2,071 linear feet of accessible trails. Upon completion, there will be 4,220 linear feet of accessible trails. This is a 104% increase of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible trails as a result of this project.

  21. Why will the Little Round Top and Devil’s Den rehabilitation project closures overlap?

    • Project funding in the National Park Service is a complex process with varying timelines. The Little Round Top and Devil’s Den projects each competed for project funding many years ago. The initial request for the Little Round Top rehabilitation project was submitted in 2009 and the Devil’s Den rehabilitation project was submitted in 2011. We recognize the overlapping timing of these closures is far from ideal, but we have no control over when funding becomes available. We appreciate your patience while these two pivotal rehabilitation projects are undertaken and completed. Thanks for your understanding.

  22. When I visit Little Round Top again after the project is complete, what can I do to help the battlefield remain healthy?

  • Visitors can help maintain the health of the battlefield by staying on the new paved paths and walkways instead of creating their own social trails. The creation of social trails, made by millions of visitors going off trail, creates natural resource damage and serious erosion problems. These erosion problems lead to long-term rehabilitation projects that cost millions of dollars, just like this project. #StayOnTheTrail


Last updated: August 9, 2022

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