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tour group enters Mammoth Cave
Visitors have been touring Mammoth Cave, also known as the Monarch of Caves, since 1816. (Photo by Gary Berdeaux, © Graphix Berdeaux)

visitors in Mammoth Cave
Kids 8-12 meet Mammoth Cave up-close and personal on the Trog tour. (Photo by Gary Berdeaux, © Graphix Berdeaux)

visitors in Mammoth Cave
Visitors on the Broadway tour in Mammoth Cave, one of the most-visited parts of the park. (NPS photo)

visitors in Mammoth CaveHomepage photo: Visitors tour Mammoth Cave's Violet City by lantern light. (Photo by Gary Berdeaux, © Graphix Berdeaux)

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Here at Mammoth Cave National Park, adventure waits beneath your feet.

Caves are all around you at Mammoth Cave—in the hills, and under your shoes. The longest cave in the world is here, waiting to show you things you've never seen before—geologic marvels, natural museums of stone, strange creatures, and hidden rivers. Stories of ancient cultures and intrepid explorers echo through mysterious chambers.

Discover adventure in the cool, dark, silence of Mammoth Cave. Year round (excepting December 25) the park offers ranger-led cave tours that vary in distance and time.

You'll also find adventure on the surface side of Mammoth Cave National Park, in the park's steep hills and deep hollows.

Mammoth Cave isn't just a dream trip—it's also a practical one for budget-minded travelers. In addition to its natural phenomena—a mammoth cave, rugged terrain, and scenic river valleys—Mammoth Cave National Park, in south central Kentucky and just off I-65, is within a day's drive of one-third of the residents of the United States. Come visit for a week or a weekend.

By Vickie Carson, Public Information Officer, Mammoth Cave National Park