John Angel

Vigo Statue in studio
Francis Vigo in John Angel's Studio
Sculptor John Angel was tasked with carving a likeness of Francis Vigo to be placed along the Wabash River. Angel's goal was " make him look like the man who could do what we know he did - he was a trader, a pioneer, strong-willed, able, big, both in body and soul. I shall make him bulky - as bulk as I can, with a full strong neck, big chin and nose, strong set mouth, big strong hands, and wearing a thick double-breasted overcoat, a fur cap with a fur tail on it , legs tied with leather gaiters; the trader, the man of wealth and action - not the dandy - I am thinking in terms of the 1780's on the frontier of the west. I'll get him - you'll recognize him as Vigo, and no other."

When one views Angel's work on the park grounds today, it is clear that he succeeded in his goal. Here is a picture of Vigo in Angel's studio.

Last updated: August 11, 2018

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