Building Green: a brochure about the green building - the National Park Service's Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Contact Station, located on Cross Bay Boulevard, Broad Channel, NY.

The following butterfly species list encompasses all records from the Jamaica Bay region, most of which is contained in Gateway National Recreation Area.

Birds of Jamaica Bay enumerates 325 species of birds recorded at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge through February 1994 with revision in 2012 and 2014.


Sandy Hook Proving Ground:From 1874 until 1919, the sound of gunfire and the smell of burning gunpowder filled the air at the Sandy Hook Proving Ground. This is where the Army's Ordnance Department tested, or 'proved' new weapons and ammunition.

History House: History House is decorated to portray what life was like for an officer and his family stationed at Fort Hancock (Sandy Hook, NJ) during the World War II-era, circa 1943.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse: Since the days of exploration and colonization, Sandy Hook and the nearby Navesink Highlands have been prominent landmarks for ships approaching Lower New York Harbor.

An Old Army Town: (Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, NJ) Established by the U.S. Army in the late 19th century, the fort is located at the northern end of Sandy Hook, a 6 1/2 mile barrier beach peninsula.

Sandy Hook's Lifesavers: New Jersey saw many shipwrecks on or near its shores in the 19th century. This destined the state to play a key role in the founding of what became the U.S. Life- Saving Service.



Fort Wadsworth Walking Tour: Fort Wadsworth is one of the oldest military installations in the nation. The site occupies 226 acres on the northeastern shore of Staten Island, on the Narrows of New York Harbor. Rich in history and natural beauty, Fort Wadsworth affords you the opportunity to observe an important part of our nation's history, while offering magnificent views of New York Harbor.


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