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Fellowship Program
The Jamaica Bay Institute has hosted the Harbor Herons and Colonial Waterbirds annual symposium since it's inception in 2005. 
Kimberly Tripp introduces speakers and welcomes attendees at the first annual Harbor Heron and Colonial Waterbird symposium, one of many successful events hosted by the Center.

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Gateway Research Learning Center offers a variety of educational programs that advance its mission to create a bridge between science and decision making. The Center strives to inform resource managers, educators, and community members about current advances in coastal wetlands knowledge, discovered through on-going research endeavors, in order to foster an improved understanding of the bay's ecological functions and importance in the urban landscape. The Center coordinates and delivers numerous programs throughout the year to learn about responsible stewardship of the bay's natural resources.
Interns gain valuable work experience while assisting park staff perform important tasks.
Biological Technician, Steven Olijnyk, and Hunter College intern, Jennifer Pati, collect water quality data in the ponds at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area.


Internship Program

Gateway Research Learning Center's Internship Program enables students to obtain practical experience and meet hands-on training requirements necessary to earn their degrees or explore a profession before pursuing it.

The program is open to graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited academic institution as well as high school students. College students may be enrolled part-time and full-time.

All students must have a minimum of a 3.0 grade-point average (4.0 scale) to be eligible. Positions are competitive as space is limited. A minimum of 20 hours per week are required for most positions. These positions are unpaid. Park housing may be provided but is very limited.

A valid driver's license is required.

Available positions include (click for details):

Avian Monitoring
Habitat Management
Herpetological Monitoring
Journalism/Technical Writing
Research Librarian
Small Mammal Monitoring
Water Quality

To apply please:

1) Complete the Student Interest Form (Google form)

2) Email us a copy of your latest academic transcripts and a completed Academic Verification Form (.pdf)( .doc)

See the links below for more information and required forms.

Internship Program Overview (.pdf)(.doc)
Internship Duties Form (.pdf)( .doc)

For additional internship opportunities within Gateway NRA please click here
High school students looking for opportunities should check out our Youth Conservation Corps opportunities
To learn about volunteer opportunities (if you'd still like the experience but don't need the academic credit) please visit our Volunteer-In-Parks (VIP) page



Gateway Research Learning Center (GRLC) promotes the sharing of scientific data through the delivery of issue driven conferences and symposia. The GRLC has hosted interdisciplinary events and will continue to create opportunities for researchers to speak directly to diverse audiences. Conferences are typically full-day events organized either wholly by the GRLC or in partnership with other agencies or institutions. Proceedings from prior conferences are available either by visiting the publications page or through the pages listed below. News of future conferences and symposia will be announced on this site and through the local media.

Speakers at the Jamaica Bay: Plight & Promise- A Sharing of Research Perspectives Symposium gather during the question and answer session.
Gateway Research Learning Center continually coordinates informative programs such as the Jamaica Bay: Plight & Promise Symposium to educate the public about the research going on throughout Jamaica Bay.

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Volunteers are an important component of the Jamaica Bay Institute lending expertise and time to preserving and enriching park resources.
Volunteers clear old nests from tree swallow boxes every winter to make room for new nests the following spring.

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Citizen Science

Gateway Research Learning Center welcomes the participation of community members in the research process. Opportunities to interact with senior researchers, take part in the collection of scientific field data, and get involved in restoration efforts are the foundation of this program. Interested individuals or small groups should contact the Research Coordinator to be matched with the needs of research projects currently being directed by park scientists or external investigators. Future opportunities with both local and national relevance are being developed to allow for single event or on-going participation in field activities such as grassland bird counts, bird nest monitoring, vegetation surveys, and aquatic species monitoring.

The Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area has a number of educational and interpretive publications that aid in the mission of the National Park Service.
The Evolving Legacy of Jamaica Bay is one of many available publications found on this page.  These documents are an important tool in sharing valuable information and creating stewards of the resources found throughout Gateway National Recreation Area.

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Periodically, Gateway Resource Learning Center produces informative materials. Brochures, waysides, conference booklets and presentations (when available), fact sheets and a variety of educational tools, including educational and curriculum tools for teachers, can be utilized by the public. For your convenience, a repository of electronic copies not found elsewhere on the site have been compiled and are accessible by following this link.

Last updated: May 9, 2018

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