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Habitats by Land and Sea: Restoring Resiliency

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Eighth Grade
Biodiversity, Biology: Plants, Botany, Climate Change, Earth Science, Ecology, Environment, Geology, Landscapes, Meteorology, Science and Technology
National/State Standards:
G3: Matter; Plant&Animal Adaps
G4: Animals&Plants in Envir; Interact air, water, &land
G5: Nature of Science; Earth Science; Exploring Ecosys
G6: Weather; Diversity of Life; Inter
G7: Geol; Dynamic Equil:OtherOrgs
G8: Repro,Hered,&Evol; Humans&Envir


Ecosystems are more vulnerable to invasion by exotic species when stressed. By exploring the living requirements for plants and in-depth soil studies, students will begin to understand the importance of native plants, pollinators, and associated ecosystem dynamics in various habitats throughout the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Data produced by the students will help design garden areas to attract native pollinators, with help from professional scientists and natural resource managers at Gateway.


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