Lesson Plan

Habitats by Land and Sea

Students testing soil
Students testing soil for consistency and pH level

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Twelfth Grade
Biology: Animals, Conservation, Mathematics, Science and Technology
National/State Standards:
G4:  Animals & Plants in their environment, Intearctions of Air, Water and Land
G6:  Energy & Simple Machines, Weather & the Atmosphere, Diversity of Life, Interdependence
G9-12:  Living Environments, Chemistry


After determining the soil consistency and pH level, students will chose native plants which fit the criteria established by the tests.  The students record their choice of plants as their recommendation for what should be planted in that soil.  This activity can be planned as a site visit to Floyd Bennett Field, or a planned in-school activity.  Rangers provide equipment for the experiments and a guide for the culminating event.


HBLS Datasheet

Habitats by Land and Sea Curriculum Connections

Soil Type Chart

Plant ID Cards

HBLS Guide

HBLS Script for Teachers and Rangers

HBLS Understanding by Design Outline


Last updated: May 1, 2018