Floyd Bennett Field Unit


Floyd Bennett Field (FBF) located in Jamaica Bay at the southern tip of Brooklyn was the site of industrial and technological change in America. For history and background see http://www.nps.gov/nr/twhp/wwwlps/lessons/120floyd/index.htm . In this Unit we present 6 lessons emphasizing the importance of Floyd Bennett Field to Aviation.

Each lesson is independently designed (UbD) and may be followed up with a visit to the area today. There are relics of its multiple personalities in the past as a group of islands, a land fill, a glue factory and its glory days as a municipal airport. Each lesson takes on an individual task to explore FBF history.

Lesson 1 – A Brief History of Floyd Bennett Field

Lesson 2 - Great Flights and Flyers of Floyd Bennett Field

Lesson 3 - Minority Groups at Floyd Bennett Field

Lesson 4 - Women at Floyd Bennett Field

Lesson 5 - Floyd Bennett Field during WWII

Lesson 6 - Commercial Travel/Then and Now

Common Core Curriculum standards are listed on each lesson as required by NYSDOE.

Social Studies Skills acquired from these lessons are: Getting Information; Using Information; Presenting Information; and Participating in Interpersonal Group Relation. They also develop Problem-Finding/Solving Skills laid out in the lessons.

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