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5th grade – The Stories Bones Tell

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Bones make great storytellers! Skulls and teeth give glimpses into lifestyles of mammals and reveal information about diet, and survival strategies. Students will explore a number of skulls of arctic animals. They will measure skull size, examine teeth and eye placement as well as discover information as to sensory abilities and learn about each animal’s unique niche in its ecosystem. They will also gain an awareness of the role the National Park Service plays in monitoring and managing the health of park environments through long-term monitoring projects.

Length of program: 45 minutes – 1 hour.  

The world-class exhibits at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center enhance the field trip experience with dioramas of boreal forest and tundra landscapes, cultural artifacts and displays of Alaska’s varied natural resources. Teachers may choose from an array of age-appropriate “I Spy” scavenger hunts that guide students visit to the exhibits. Teachers may also schedule a film to complement their field trip (dependent on theater availability).



Laurie Smith


Biology: Animals, Ecology
animal, adaptations, niche, arctic, Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, skulls
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