Civil War Civilians of Spottsylvania

The Civil War Civilians of Spottsylvania is a living history unit dedicated to supporting the military reenacting community by telling the story of the civilians that interacted with them. Most people when exposed to Civil War sites, programs, reenactments and events think of the battles, generals, and soldiers, but in reality none of those ever existed without the involvement with the civilian community around them.

CWCS is a living history organization that has been created for the purpose of researching and recreating the non-military history of Spotsylvania County area and the Central Virginia Region just prior, during and following the American Civil War – 1857 to 1867.

The stories of the local civilians merit the telling as much as the armies, both North and South, that moved across their land, through their community and impacted their daily lives.

We work to recreate these people’s experiences and bring our personas to living history events so that the lives of our ancestors and the time period might be better understood.

Some of the personas and programs presented by the members of the group are - “Food preservation without refrigeration”, the beekeeper with beekeeping display, the uses and importance of whiskey during the era, midwifery, quilting, laundry, a saw mill, confections/candy of the era, temperance union, civilian men’s ambulance corp - just to list a few.

At the NPS’s May Wilderness event, CWCS will be representing the Lacy family that owned the Ellwood House and will be located at that site during the event.

Last updated: April 16, 2018

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