Company K, 1st South Carolina Infantry - A Living History Unit

Sepia toned photo of reenactors in front of winter hut in woods
Company K, 1st South Carolina at Winter Hut Site. James Madison’s Montpelier. August 2013

Photo courtesy of unit

The following article will introduce you to Company K, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional, "Irish Volunteers". To learn more about them please continue to read.

Company K, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional, was a unit whose members came mostly from the Charleston area. The unit was known as the “Irish Volunteers” and was originally formed in 1787 as a militia unit. The Irish Volunteers remained a State Militia unit up until the Spanish -American War.

The unit was organized into Confederate service on June 25, 1861, and fought in almost all major battles in the Eastern Theatre with the Army of Northern Virginia. It was led by such notable commanders as Maxey Gregg, Samuel McGowan, Edward McCrady, and C.W. McCreary. The unit distinguished itself at the Battle of Gaines Mill on June 27, 1862, and again at the Battle of Spotsylvania on May 12, 1864.

The unit had a total of 2,120 men serve in its ranks during the four years of war and had a total of 18 officers and 101 men surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.
Two rows of reenactors in Confederate garb pose for a photo with rifles in front of entrenchments and cannon
Company K, 1st South Carolina at Petersburg. September 2016

Photo courtesy of unit

The mission of today’s Irish Volunteers is:

  1. To preserve and protect the memory of those men who served in the company from 1861-1865 and who fought and died for South Carolina and the Confederate States of America.
  1. As civilians of the company, to portray the families of the men who served, to honor their memories and to ensure that the families, too, are not forgotten.
  1. To preserve, protect, and honor the memory of all those who fought on both sides in the Civil War.
  1. To accurately portray the trades, occupations, and pastimes of the period.
  1. To aid in the preservation of battlefields and all other sites and objects relevant to the Civil War.

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