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Spotsylvania Court House
On the morning of May 7, 1864, General Ulysses S. Grant made a remarkable decision that changed the course of the Civil War. Rather than retreat to lick its wounds or remain stagnant as was common practice in the Army of the Potomac following a major battle, Grant directed the Union army to move forward--south to Spotsylvania Court House. The importance of this place did not rest in the court house building, shown here, but the community that surrounded the court house held a crucial road intersection that held the inside track to Richmond.
Sanford Hotel
During the night of May 7, much of the Union army began its march southeast along the Brock Road, shown below. The building on the left is the Sanford Hotel.
Village of Spotsylvania Court House
Other Union troops advanced from the Wilderness toward the crossroads on a series of roads and across country eventually reaching the Fredericksburg Road, shown here. The intersection of this road with the Brock Road is in the center of this photo. The building with the columns in the middle of the photo is the Sanford Hotel shown in the previous image. This building still survives, although now as an office building. The building on the left is the court house which burned about 1900. A new and larger court house occupies this spot today.

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