Ely's Ford

Ely's Ford on the Rapidan River
The Fifth, Eleventh and Twelfth Corps crossed the Rappahannock River at Kelly's Ford on the night of April 28. This force then split with the Fifth Corps marching to the Rapidan River at Ely's Ford and the Eleventh and Twelfth Corps advancing to the Rapidan River at Germanna Ford. The Fifth Corps crossed the river on the late afternoon of April 29 and camped for the night. The next morning they marched toward Chancellorsville to reunite with the Eleventh and Twelfth Corps.
Ely's Ford
Since there are steep banks on the south side of the Rapidan River, the soldiers crossed at the same place the civilians had used where a road went down to the river. Today there is a boat launch at the site of the ford.
Map of opening Union moves in Chancellorsville Campaign
Map of Union opening moves in the Chancellorsville Campaign. Note Ely's Ford near upper left center of map.
Germanna Ford on the Rpaidan River
Germanna Ford on the Rapidan River

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