Frequently Asked Intern Questions

Are positions paid or unpaid? If not, how does the park compensate for each student’s internship?

-Stipends are available for Historical Interpreter interns only. These stipends will cover meal costs and mileage reimbursement. All other internships are unpaid.

What are the general requirements for the park’s internship positions?

-Be currently enrolled full time in a college or university

-Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale, or be in good standing as defined by the institution currently enrolled in

-Have an interest in the Civil War era

-Be majoring in History, American Studies, Historic Preservation or a related field

What types of housing are available?

-When housing is available, it is provided free of charge to interns working full-time. Historical Interpreters have preference for housing because their internship lasts for most of the summer season. Interns share houses with seasonal employees and other volunteers, and must participate in housecleaning assignments. The houses include a kitchen, laundry facilities and a telephone.

What kinds of careers have past interns gone into after their experience at the park?

-Past interns have continued their careers within the historical field. Some work for the NPS, while others have moved on to museum's or teach at the college level.

How should students prepare for their internship stay? What do they need to bring?

-Interns should be prepared to move onto the park grounds. The house's are equipped with full kitchens, with utensils and appliances. Beds, lamps, and dressers are in every bed room. The living room's have couchs and chairs. Televisions and cable are not provided.

Who will I be living with in housing?

-Living in the park is a unique experience. You will be living with your co-workers. This can be stressful at times, because you will be with some people day in and day out.

Will the interns have enough free time to devote to another seasonal job?

-The park is open during the day, so interns may have the opportunity to work outside the park in the evenings and on free days.

How much free time does a typical intern have?

-Interns can work anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week. If an intern wants to work fulltime, they will be given a two-day weekend, each week. This weekend will not happen on a typical weekend, but will be two consecutive weekdays.

How early should I apply?

-Interested applicants should apply as soon as possible. Positions are somewhat competitive, so it’s best to apply early.

How many applicants does the park accept each year?

-Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, the park will accept one to five applicants per session (this includes all intern categories).

Geographically, where are most of the interns from?

-Because the park provides housing, it accepts interns from all over the country. The park requires interns to organize their own transportation.

What’s the weather like in Virginia?

-Virginia is typically very hot in the summer months. Interns are required to give tours and search different areas of the park, some that are wooded. Interns should keep in mind that while the weather is warm, it is important to bring some protective clothing. Past interns recommend clothing such as long pants, boots, long sleeved shirts, and hats.

What are the uniforms like?

-The park will provide a polo t-shirt and a hat for the uniform. Interns are responsible for their own pair of khaki pants and comfortable shoes for walking, no sneakers.

Is transportation available?

-Interns will have to work in different battlefield areas and must find their own way from one area to another. It’s also imperative to have transportation to leave the park.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

-If you have any questions, it’s best to contact the park supervisory historian, Greg Mertz. The supervisory historian may be reached at (540) 373-6124 or by e-mail.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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