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Statue of Albert Gallatin surveying
Statue of Albert Gallatin surveying

National Park Service

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Visiting Friendship Hill is a great way for your students to learn history and about the natural world. Your class may participate in the following activities while visiting the park:

- View the introductory video

- Tour the Gallatin mansion

- Read the exhibits in the visitor center

- Tour the grounds including the gazebo overlooking the Monongahela River and Sophia's grave

- Eat at the picnic area

The park also has extensive hiking trails with woods a meadow for studying nature.

Although reservations are not required it is helpful to know when a group is expected.  Please consider calling 724-329-5472 or emailing the staff to let us know your plans.


Commerce and Industry, Economics, Government, International Relations, War of 1812, Westward Expansion
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