Educational Guide to Friendship Hill

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The Friendship Hill Educational Guide was designed to help teachers prepare their classes for a rewarding experience visiting the park. It is designed primarily for use in upper elementary school classrooms (grades 5-7). The guide contains the following sections. The entire guide can be viewed and downloaded here. Hard copies are no longer available.

  1. Educator's Study Guide to Friendship Hill National Historic Site
  2. Suggested Pre-visit Activities written for elementary students utilizing area districts curriculum themes. Each activity has Teacher's information and activities for students.
  3. Park Visit Outline
  4. On Site Program List with information about the programs offered at the park. This section contains themes and objectives for the different programs offered at the park.
  5. Suggested Reading Bibliographies for teachers and students.
  6. Post-Visit activities Suggested activities to follow-up your visit to the park.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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