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Special Park Use Permits

Information on this page is for land administered by the National Park Service Fort Vancouver National Historic Site which includes, Pearson Air Museum, the Fort Site, East Barracks, and the McLaughlin House in Oregon City.

All units of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are home to nationally significant landscapes, historic structures, and settings that can be ideal venues for picnics, ceremonies, and family and group gatherings. As a unit of the National Parks, there must be a balance between preserving the resources while still allowing for a variety of visitor uses. While Activities like weddings, picnics, run, and filming are allowed in the park. However, many uses many not be appropriate in public spaces.

Special Event Requirements:
  • Submit an Permit Inquiry Form to inquire on venue and date availability. Submission of this form is for inquiry purposes only.
  • Special Park Use Permit application process click here.
  • All large events require a certificate of liability insurance.
  • Athletic events with fewer than 20 people may not require a permit. This does not include activites that charge to participate.
  • Permits will be issued for predesignated areas only.
  • Picnics
    • Picnics with fewer than 20 people may not require a permit. But, organizer must check with the permitting office to ensure the area has not already been permitted.
    • Any picnic with catering, decorations, or significant equipment will require a permit, regardless of size.
    • Almost all picnic tables in the park are first come, first served and cannot be reserved or moved.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee permit approval.
  • Additional documents may be required for complex events.

General Rules & Guidelines

  • All Events open to the public (with or without registration) must comply with accessibility regulations and must review the park's accessibility checklist. Event and advertising materials must provide Universal Access.
  • All advertising, branding, and signs on site must be approved by NPS prior to your event.
  • Large events require at least one Park Ranger present from set up through removal.
  • Events in sensitive areas require special approval by park management.
  • Staking or or digging prohibited.
  • You may not enter most areas closed to the general public.
  • Not all events will be granted exclusive use of an area.
  • Recycling is required at all events. Refuse generated by event be removed immediately after the event.
  • Sound cannot exceed 85db.
  • Unmanned aircrafts e.g., drones, tethered kites, or weather balloons. This includes use for recreational, hobby, business, or commercial purposes. These activities are not permitted.

Payment Information

  • All permit applications submission must include a $100.00 fee. This fee is non-refundable whether request activity is approved or denied. A portion of the fee may be applied towards a permit recovery costs in some cases. For larger or complex events will require additional cost.
  • Submitting a permit application does not guarantee your activity or reservation of a date. Notice an application has been received will be sent within seven business days. Submit a "Permit Inquiry Form" first.
  • Payment by credit or debit card, or cash can be made at the Fort Site contact station in person or by phone. Personal or business checks are not accepted. If you do not have a credit or debit card, a money order, cashiers check, or cahs is acceptable.
  • Permit costs can range in price dependent on day, area, park staff requirements, and other needs that may arise. Final cost of and activity will not be provide until a permit application has been received and reviewed.
  • Some activities my require full environmental or historic compliance review.
  • Staffing costs are currently $50/hour.

Suggested Locations

When considering a location for your special event, park staff have identified a number of venues where events have successfully taken place. Each has its own special qualities, so be sure to visit in person if possible. Other areas may also be available.

Picnic Shelter
Located next to the Visitor Center and holds approximately 70 people. For more information on this venue, visit Picnic Shelter page.

Located at the heart of the historic parade ground. This location is a popular area for wedding ceremonies. For more information on this venue visit the Bandstand page.

Great Meadow & Heritage Oak
This area is available for activities with up to 300 participants.The Heritage Oak is a popular setting for we wedding ceremonies. For more information on this venue visit the Great Meadow & Heritage Oak page.

The Tex Rankin Theater
Located inside Pearson Air Museum seats 80 people theater-style and 30 people classroom style. For more information on this venue visit the Tex Rankin Theater page.

Historic Hangar
Located at the Park's Pearson Air Museum, the Historic Hangar is the perfect indoor venue for a celebration, large meetings, dinners, weddings, or commemorative. For more information about this venue and Photo gallery visit the Historic Hangar a page.
Tell us about your event. Submit a Permit Use Inquiry Form:

All inquires are reviewed in the order that they are received.

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Special Park Uses
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Last updated: January 12, 2018

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