Cultural Demonstrations

Photo of volunteer blacksmiths at work in the Blacksmith shop at nighttime; one on the left is hammering at an anvil and one on the right is working at a hot forge.
Volunteers demonstrate the techniques of nineteenth century blacksmithing in the park's Blacksmith Shop.

NPS Photo by Troy Wayrenen


When was the last time you watched a blackmith laboring at a forge, or smelled fresh sea biscuits as they are baked in a large oven? At Fort Vancouver, cultural demonstrations provide visitors with a unique look at skills and activities from the past.

Cultural demonstrations are pre-planned presentations designed to showcase a skilled process. In the park, these demonstrations frequently take place in areas such as the Blacksmith Shop, Carpenter Shop, Bake House, and Kitchen. They use period reproduction clothing and objects to present impressions of the people, events, and practices of the past.

While these demonstrations do not attempt literally to recreate the past, they will provide interpretive and educational impressions in as authentic a manner as possible. Plus, they are fun to watch!

Blacksmith Shop

Carpenter Shop

Bake House



Last updated: January 16, 2018

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