2011 PHFS: Midterm Updates

Midway through the quarter, my students presented a brief overview of the work they have been doing to select and connect units of the national park system to the themes in the NPS Civil War Sesquicentennial planning document Holding the High Ground.

In addition, I asked the students to contribute ideas, insights, questions, and knowledge gained from our readings, resources and discussions that help to clarify and advance an understanding of the class project and how their work fits in.

  • Has interaction with the park's public historians changed your initial thinking on how best to connect? How so?
  • Have you encountered any surprises or revelations thus far? Any stumbling blocks?
  • What readings or resources have you found particularly applicable?

Below are audio clips of each student presentation, organized by theme. For more information, visit the class blog at http://hst409509.wordpress.com


Thematic Context for Interpreting the Civil War Through the Sites of the National Park System

Causes (6.6MB .mp3 file)


Consequences (5.6 MB .mp3 file)

Death & Dying (5.9 MB .mp3 file)

Emancipation & the Quest for Freedom (10.4 MB .mp3 file)


Industry & Economics (6.6 MB .mp3 file)

Legacy (5.4 MB .mp3 file)

Race in the Civil War Era (7.7 MB .mp3 file)

Reconciliation, Commemoration & Preservation (8.5 KB .mp3 file)

Reconstruction (8.6 MB .pdf file)


The Changing War (7.1 MB .mp3 file)

The Civilian Experience (4.4 MB .pdf file)

The Military Experience (6.1 MB .pdf file)

The Ordeal of the Border States (7.1 MB .mp3 file)

The U.S. on the Eve of the Civil War (6.9 MB .mp3 file)

War & the Westward Movement (9 MB .mp3 file)

Women Amidst War (7.5 MB .mp3 file)

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