Individual Group Tours

Individual Group Tour
Grade Level: 3–12
Length: 60 Minutes

Key Concept
The Hudson's Bay Company was instrumental in the development of Euro-American culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Description of Experience
After an introduction to the Fort, students are taken on a guided tour through three buildings. At each building the guide describes the activities which took place in the building, and the private and professional lives of the Hudson's Bay Company employees. After the tour, groups are welcome to visit any of the site’s other buildings, including the Bake House, Blacksmith Shop, Carpenter Shop, Jail, Bastion, Hospital/Barclay Quarters and Counting House on a self-guided basis. A teacher’s self-guided tour binder is available.

As a result of the experience, students will be able to:
  • Understand and analyze how the Hudson's Bay Company caused change in Northwest history.
During the experience, students will:
  • Consider the pros and cons of various professions.
  • Understand what daily life was like for the Hudson's Bay Company employees working at the fort.
Learning Standards
Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements
Social Studies: History 1.2, 2.2; Social Studies: Economics 1.2; Social Studies: Skills 3.1; Washington State Curriculum Based Assessment Connections: Meeting Needs and Wants

Oregon State Common Curricular Goals
Social Sciences: Geography, History, Economics, Analysis
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