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CCHP/Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building
Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building
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Fort Union National Monument


Every Third Thursday of the Month March - October: Glimpses of the Past Series

A unique partnership between Fort Union National Monument/Santa Fe National Historic Trail, the Las Vegas Citizen's Committee for Historic Preservation (CCHP) and the Friends of Fort Union, the Glimpses of the Past speaker series encompass the bountiful natural, cultural, and historical resources of the Southwest.

These programs take place at 7:00pm at the Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building, 116 Bridge Street, Las Vegas, NM, every third Thursday of the month between March –October.


2018 Glimpses of the Past programs

April 19:
“A Glimpse into the History of the National Park Service” -
Megan Urban at the Las Vegas City Museum
Created on August 25, 1916 with the passage of the Organic Act, the National Park Service was established to preserve of the ecological and historic integrity of some of the nation’s most important sites. Join a ranger, and get a glimpse into the history and mission of the National Park Service.

May 17: “Fields, Farms, and Families: The Roots and Growth of Agriculture in New Mexico” - Jerry Kerr
Early settlements in what would become the Southwestern United States were far away from the protection and supplies of the more populated areas of the Mexican interior. These communal settlements became self-sustaining with well-managed crops and livestock that would define southwestern agriculture for generations.

June 21: “Villain or Visionary: A Night of Lucien Maxwell”
-Harriet Freiberger
Lucien Maxwell was one of the largest landowners in the New Mexico Territory with much of the landscape still bearing his name today. From Land Grants to Billy the Kid, discover the legacy left by Lucien Maxwell with author Harriet Freiberger.

July 19: “Me and Billy” -Ralph Estes at the Las Vegas City Museum
The "world's oldest living cowboy" tells in story and song, of his years as a cowboy and his friendship with Billy the Kid.

August 16: “Traditional Stories of Northern New Mexico”
-Mrs. Paulette Atencio
Long before the written word, culture and history were contained in the stories told from community
elders. In New Mexico, children have long grown up on the traditional lessons found in “cuentos,” or stories passed down. Join Mrs. Paulette Atencio, and listen to some of the traditional stories from New Mexico.

September 20: “William Becknell: Founder of the Santa Fe Trail”
-Alan Wheeler at the Las Vegas City Museum
William Becknell was a trapper who is credited with starting the trade that exploded between the United States and Mexico along the Santa Fe Trail. Step into Captain Becknell’s boots as Alan Wheeler brings the explorer to life.

October 18: “The Modern Stars of Pecos” -Ranger Eric Sainio
Over thousands of years, the lands surrounding Pecos National Historical Park attracted many travelers. Many moved through to different lands, but in the modern era, some stars decided to stay! Between Tex Austin's Forked Lightning Ranch, Charles Lindburgh's aerial photography of the valley, and Greer Garson and Buddy Fogelson's local philanthropy, stars from other places chose to stay in the Pecos River Valley. This talk will illustrate these stars of the Pecos area and of Pecos National Historical Park!


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