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Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building
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Fort Union National Monument


Are you looking for something free to do in downtown Las Vegas on Thursday night?

Join us on Bridge Street for an hour-long step back into old New Mexico. Our Glimpses of the Past lecture series takes place on the third Thursday of every month from March to October.

A unique partnership between Fort Union National Monument, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and the Las Vegas Citizen's Committee for Historic Preservation (CCHP), the programs take place at the Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center, 116 Bridge Street, Las Vegas, NM, at 7:00 pm.

This year's Glimpses of the Past programming will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. The programs will cover the development of women's suffrage and other facets of women's contributions to the western frontier.


2020 Schedule

March 19
Meet Jeannette Rankin--Beth Urech CANCELED
Join Las Vegas resident Beth Urech, who will take on the character of Jeannette Rankin. Ms. Rankin was the first female member of Congress, elected to office in 1916 from Montana. An independent-minded woman, she was politcally active her entire life.

April 16
Amazing Women of the Wild West--VanAnn Moore CANCELED
Join VanAnn Moore as she garbs, sings, and dances her way through the colorful lives of three women on the New Mexico frontier: Santa Fe Trail traveler Susan Magoffin, military wife Lydia Spencer Lane, and Santa Fe gambler and entrepreneur Doña Tules. Presented in partnership with the New Mexico Humanities Council.

May 21
From Strumpets to Crumpets--Laura Gonzales CANCELED
The brothels and soiled doves of the Wild West are well-known. Less well-known are the positive conributions that prostitution made to the develoment of the West. Join Laura Gonzales, of El Rancho de las Golindrinas, the living history museum in Santa Fe, to hear the other side of the story.

June 18
Footsteps to Freedom: From Jim Crow to Civil Rights--Brenda Hollingsworth-Marley
Performer Brenda Hollingsworth-Marley will recount the work of female civil rights leaders from the Civil war era through modern times. Her portrayals will include mid-20th-century activists Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. Presented in partnership with the New Mexico Humanities Council.

July 16
Women of the Santa Fe Trail--Park Ranger Celeste Dixon CANCELED
Join Ranger Dixon from Fort Larned National Historic Site in Kansas as she describes the exciting experiences of women along the Santa Fe Trail.

August 20
Meet Nina Otero-Warren--Deborah Blanche CANCELED
Join performer Deborah Blanche as she takes on the persona of Nina Otero-Warren, a fascinating New Mexican. Born into prominent New Mexico familes, Ms. Otero-Warren was a suffragist, candidate for U.S. Congress in the early 1920s, supertintendent of Santa Fe schools, author and rancher.

September 17
Life in the Victorian Parlor and the Suffrage Movement--Susi Wolf CANCELED
Join storyteller Susi Wolf as she takes on the character of Grandmary from the late 1800s, and talks about Victorian etiquette, women's experiences in that era, and the suffrage movement. Presented in partnership with the New Mexico Humanities Council.

October 15
La Llorona, the Wailing Woman--Rosalia Pachecco CANCELED
Join us for this perennial favorite in northern New Mexico, where this famous ghost lived next door in many neighborhoods. This spirit from Spanish folklore is known throughout the world for her eerie, spine-chilling cries, as she searches for her lost, drowned chldren.

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