Academic Fee Waiver Application

Applying for an Academic Fee Waiver

Please set up your reservation to visit Fort Moultrie by calling 843-883-3123, x 221, prior to applying for the academic fee waiver.

To qualify, applications must contain the following:

1. Provide current, official documentation of recognition as an educational institution by a federal, state, or local government entity, or other evidence attesting to educational status (i.e., accreditation letter, or educational or scientific tax exempt letter). It is insufficient to merely state or imply this on official letterhead. Your fee waiver will not be processed without this documentation.

2. Fill out the application for academic fee waver onto your institutional letterhead. Complete the application and mail or fax it along with your official recognition as an educational institution.

3. There must be a direct relationship between the purpose of the visit and the use of the park. The visit must be to study some aspect/resource specific to the park. A general statement to the effect that the visit is for “educational purposes” is insufficient by itself. An explanation of what the educational purpose entails and how it is related to park resources is required. Course outlines, lesson plans, or a copy of the curriculum meet this requirement.

Submit your fee waiver request on institutional letterhead a minimum of three weeks before the planned visit. Mail or fax it the following address:

Fort Moultrie - a unit of Fort Sumter National Monument
Attention: Academic Fee Waivers
1214 Middle Street
Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

(843) 883-3910 fax

Things to Remember about Fee Waivers

  • Fee waivers will not be granted for unscheduled groups.
  • Academic fee waivers cannot be granted for hardship factors
  • Service, civic and fraternal organizations, such as Scouts, Rotary, and Elks, do not qualify for an academic fee waiver unless the group meets the criteria outlined in this flyer.
  • "Blanket" academic fee waivers for all National Parks are not issued or accepted.
  • Groups must submit separate requests to individual parks for approval.
If your waiver request is approved, you will receive an academic fee waiver. The group leader should present a copy of the approved fee waiver upon checking in at the visitor center.
If your request is denied, you will receive a letter from the park explaining why your group does not qualify.

Applicable Regulations

The National Park Service is guided by the following regulations in the administration of academic fee waivers:
  1. The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (16 U.S.C 6801-6814; P.L. 108-447, Division J, Title VIII), Enacted December 2004
  2. Department of the Interior, National Park Service: Reference Manual 22A, Recreation Fee Collection, Approved April 2011

Last updated: September 18, 2017

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