Resource Management Assistant

Goal: To help to preserve the park’s historic and natural resources for future generations

Major Duties:

  1. Maintaining the wetlands and historic landscapes through general upkeep and repairs
  2. Repairing the fort’s masonry walls and structures under the supervision of the park’s mason
  3. Repairing and constructing reproduction cannon carriages under the guidance of the park’s carpenter
  4. Repairing and maintaining NPS boats, vehicles, HVAC equipment
  5. Cleaning and painting historic cannons, buildings and batteries
  6. Documenting ongoing preservation projects
  7. Developing a database for the park’s historic paint book


  1. Basic understanding, interest and appreciation for the preservation of cultural and natural resources
  2. Use of common hand tools
  3. Knowledge of basic construction/maintenance techniques
  4. Good communication skills, be enthusiastic and outgoing, and enjoy learning and sharing with others


Not required

Time commitment:

Four hours per week


  1. Orientation to NPS Volunteer-In-Parks program
  2. Historic overview of local NPS sites
  3. Training in Visitor Center operation
  4. Training operation of the bookstore cash register
  5. Training in Safety R+ program
  6. Safety training in relevant areas

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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