Historical Transcriber

Goal: To create a usable file and filing system of transcribed historical documents which park staff and public researchers will be able to use.

Major Duties:

  1. Transcribing documents into computer
  2. Proof reading and printing transcriptions
  3. Organizing the transcriptions into a usable filing system


  1. Interest in history and historical documents
  2. Good reading and typing skills
  3. Ability to do basic work on a computer
  4. Ability to work alone/independently (may be able to work on transcriptions at home)
  5. Uniform is not required

Time Commitment:

Four hours per week


  1. Orientation to NPS Volunteer-In-Parks program
  2. Historic overview of local NPS sites
  3. Training in Visitor Center operation
  4. Training operation of the bookstore cash register
  5. Training in Safety R+ program
  6. Safety training in relevant areas

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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