Gregg C. Goose shows off his Junior Ranger badge!
You stuck with it! WAY TO GO!!!



Becoming a Junior Ranger was hard work.

But it was fun!

Now there is only one last thing you need to do.

Work with an adult to do it!

Have an adult send a message to me, Gregg C. Goose, at my post office address.

Post Office Address:

Gregg C. Goose
Junior Ranger Web Page
Fort Stanwix NM
East Park Street
Rome, New York 13440

Did you finnish?
An adult needs to tell me what address to mail your Junior Ranger Badge and your packet of prizes that you earned.

Mailing Address
You need to let me know that you finished the whole Fort Stanwix National Monument Junior Ranger Web Page.
What did you like best?
Most important, you need to let me know what you liked best about the Junior Ranger Web Page. You can help other Junior Rangers in the future by helping to make this web page better. What you think counts.


As soon as an ADULT mails me a note,

I will send your Junior Ranger Badge and packet

to the address given to me.

Keep a lookout for

Junior Ranger Programs at other parks across America.

Good luck, Junior Ranger!

these 3 kids became junior rangers, and so can you!



SUPRISE! You earned 1 more thing…you may save

or print these pictures of Gregg C. Goose to use

as posters, wallpaper, something to color, and as a

reminder to STICK WITH IT!

NPS junior ranger motto, learn, explore, protect, surrounds a ranger hat

National Park Service

Thank you for becoming a National Park Service Junior Ranger!

Be on the lookout for other Junior Ranger programs throughout all of your travels!

Above all else: Explore, Learn about, and Protect all of the fascinating National Parks or other treasures you find in your world!


Journey With Your Journal

Stick With It

Good Luck Junior Rangers!

Explore Your National Parks

Build a Better Future


Last updated: February 26, 2015

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Mailing Address:

112 East Park St.
Rome, NY 13440



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