A girl standing in front of wooden barracks plays with a cup and ball toy.
Who knew learning could be this much fun!

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There were children at Fort Stanwix during the American Revolution?Hands-on learning stations will introduce students to the lives of the children who followed their soldier fathers during the war.Students will pack their bag to travel with the Continental Army to Fort Stanwix and learn about the clothing and personal items of boys and girls in the 18th C.They will roll up their sleeves and help with daily chores at the fort – no work, no food!Much needed recreation time is also part of the program as students learn to play the popular toys and games of the time period.


Valerie Morgan


Family Life, Revolutionary War, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum
Common Core: SL.K.1a-b; SL.1.1a-c; SL.2.1a-c; L.K.1d; L.1.1e, L.2.1d
Home, Family, fort, Fort Stanwix, children
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